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Oh, I'm not gonna kill you, I'm just gonna hurt you...really, really bad.

It's no secret how superhero movies are the most lucrative ones right now. Everybody and their grandma is interested in making (or starring) in one, and while it can be argued whether it will eventually lead to overexposure, the truth is that until 2020, we're gonna get atleast 5 of them from various production houses.

Much has been said of both Marvel and DC, but this post focuses on DC, simply because there are still people unaware of the full extents and possibilities the universe has to offer.

That and well, Marvel has begun to tire me out.

So here's a point-by-point analysis:

1. The Man of Steel Conundrum

Much has been said of Man of Steel. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Others, like me, are undecided.

The biggest problem Man of Steel faced, was reinvigorating the public's interest in Superman after the controversial Superman Returns. The film eschewed the lighthearted camp that is usually associated with Marvel movies and chose a darker, Nolan-esque approach to the source material. The truth is that the film was too light on the action in the first half and too heavy in the second, how important that is, is entirely up to you.

The reason the film faced backlash from the fans was due to two reasons:

A. Superman killing Zod

B. The Battle of Metropolis and its subsequent destruction

Allow me to defend the above. Superman is a newly minted hero who has barely explored the full extent of his powers, he sees the world is in danger and due to his lack of experience and on-the-fly thinking, employs whatever tactics he can to overpower Zod, and that leads to collateral damage. That's all there is to it. It might not be in line with the character, but it is in line with the real world. Superman made a decision and it had repercussions he didn't fully comprehend.

He didn't do it deliberately, he did it because he didn't know better. Which leads into my second point.

Many people argue how Superman was oblivious to the loss of human life and that's absolutely incorrect. The reason Superman had to kill Zod was because he threatened a family. There are other ways Superman could have handled the situation, but Superman made a real world judgement call and it was the correct one. It may not be on line with the character, but it is what anyone with a conscience would do.

And he was devastated by that.

So yes, all said and done, Snyder's approach to the film may be divisive, but it's an interesting and refreshing one. Instead of making the character true to his comic form, he dares to experiment by making the superhero a human with real world motivations and approaches. Superman may be a beacon of hope, but he's got emotions too (though Henry Cavill's acting suggests otherwise) and he is learning the cost of his powers.

Not every movie needs to be snazzy and overloaded with quips, sometimes you need to sacrifice that for a more comprehensive experience.

2. Let's Talk About Bruce

Man of Steel provides a good lead-in to BvS. Yes, it's odd that instead of a solo sequel and a standalone Batman movie DC is going for a team-up (eventually, duh) but if done right, it makes a ton of sense.

New superhero causes destruction, existing one calls him on it.

Anyway, Ben Affleck is Batman. Accept it already. He's not Deathstroke. He's Bruce Wayne. Sure, people have their reservations, but he's a decent actor and it's not fair to compare him to Christian Bale simply because their Batman reside in different universes and different scenarios and we cannot judge them. And unless Affleck is terrible as Batman, there's no real reason to hate him beforehand.

The approach to Batman is a great one, though. The Dark Knight Returns serves as the inspiration for BvS and the graphich novel is one of the greatest ever.

It's going to be unique to see an already established Batman coming out of retirement to face a superhuman and hold him questionable for the loss of life caused by his actions.

This is where the ending of Man of Steel makes all the sense in the world.

That's all there is to it.

The inclusion of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg is perplexing, as all these characters have their own legacy and maybe cramming them in a movie that already has Batman at its front with Superman isn't the best approach, but if it's a sacrifice that needs to be made for future greatness, so be it.

I just hope Wonder Woman is handled well, the world needs a strong dominant frontline female superhero.

3. The Patsies

Suicide Sqaud is the movie that has me the most excited. It is bold, it is exciting and a completely different class of comicbook movie.

Instead of the usual save the world from the bad guys, it's the bad guys working together for the Government! How exciting is that?

It'll show us a whole new side to the mythos that a studio like Marvel would never sign off on. The trailer looks really great, so does the star cast and damn, Joker.

It'll be a unique experience to see a team of supervillains come together and function as a unit. Well, try to anyway.

Plus with David Ayer at helm, who made the excellent Fury, this looks like a done deal.

If this movie captures the grit, emotion and team dynamics of Fury, this one's a home run already.


You have to hand it to DC for making radical decisions. No, it's not not the casting of Jared Leto.

Okay, maybe a little. To take on a role that's been made their own by legends such as Mark Hamill, Jack Nicholson and of course, the late Heath Ledger, is very very difficult, but if anyone could pull it off (apart from Leonardo DiCaprio, of course), it's Leto.

Don't believe me? Look at his Academy Award winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

And yes, he's an A-lister who can stand his own against anyone, especially when your cast includes stars like Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

The initial reaction to his look was very very divided, and mostly negative, Leto's performance in the Suicide Squad trailer changed most of those opinions.

Sure, he's way too radical and extreme (maybe desperately so, but if you gotta differentiate, you just gotta) and the tattoos are definitely overkill, but he nails down the voice and the mannerisms and if on set reports are to be believed, he's legitimately terrifying.

There's no point comparing Leto's Joker to the others, he's way too different and so is his approach and the universe he lives in. Just like Hamill, Ledger and Nicholson are excellent but incomparable, so could Leto be. I believe in him.

5. Everything Else

Not much is known about DC's upcoming films apart from their tentative dates, so no point fretting over it. The real wild card is Green Lantern Corps. and only time will tell if the audience of forgotten about Ryan Reynolds' awful version (which he himself trolls in Deadpool) enough to care about this one.

The Flash too has a tough road ahead of it because it needs to live up to the excellent small-screen adaptation of it and Ezra Miller will have to work overtime to beat Grant Gustin's Barry Allen and replicate the fun, faithfulness and sincerity of the show.

An untitled Superman film and a Batman film is in the works too, and let's just give it time. DC wants to make Affleck their Tony Stark, and there's no real harm in it.

That's all, folks.

PS. This post has deliberately avoided going into the comic mythos and limited itself to the movies to be approachable to the casual fans too.


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