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This is a story told to me by my unce. Back whenever he was in his teens one of his brothers used to work in the test track til late ours in the early morning, so he'd usually be up just in case he got a call from him saying he had car trouble or something . Well sure enough that was one of those nights, luckily my uncle had gotten his brakes and oil checked that day and made sure his car was up to par just in case. So they got the call around 12, and he had to go to the next town to pick him up so he asked his mom to go with him to keep him company on the road. So they go on their way and decide to go the back road that way they can get there quicker instead of using the highway. as he's driving they have the radio on and going at a good pace then they get to the dip, of course my uncle goes to slightly hit the brakes but he sees thats not working then all of a sudden the car just shuts off and they're just rolling down the little Dip road. They get to the bottom and they try to turn the car on but no response so they figure to wait a few minutes, just then they hear tapping on the roof of the car like seeds from a tree hitting and that's what they figure it is, til they hear two more taps that were harder than just a couple little seeds so my uncle turns the key and tries to get the car running but still nothing then two more taps that seems even harder then before. Not wanting to find out what it is on the roof he turns the key again and success, the engine starts up and the lights come back on and he hits the gas and the car crawls out of the little Dip and back on the road that's when my uncles mom tells him to pick up the pace because in here mirror she sees a shadowy figure in the distance behind them just standing in the middle of the road. Needless to say after they picked his brother they returned home using the highway and tried to avoid passing through Devils Hollow so late at night.


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