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We're living in a golden age of comic book TV shows, films, games and all that. As for TV, we've gotten shows like the bad-ass Arrow (it's like that because it has Constantine) the amazing, fun-filled Flash and the guilty pleasure that is Gotham. I know that IS a Batman show technically, but damn! The show would have been better if it centered around just Gordon, at-least.

But this all makes you wonder, why hasn't the caped crusader gotten his own show? Sure, the budget and all that might be a problem, but think of this: TV is in a golden age, Who says a Batman show would not be spectacular? If you're still not convinced, let's countdown 5 reasons why it can work:

#1: Put It In HBO!

Come on, Batman can be as dark and moody as he wants to be on HBO! They might also be able to help the budget situation.

#2: Your Dream-Choice For Batman Can Come True.

Jon Hamm is my dream choice for both Batman and Superman, but come on, Henry Cavill is amazing as Superman. Jon Hamm would be a killer Bruce Wayne and Batman but if not, how about Karl Urban?

#3: Comics

I'm a big comics fan and I gotta say, Batman comics might be some of the best comics out there. This has a lot to do with writer, Scott Snyder. The guy is an amazing writer and a massive Batman fan and it shows. He has made Batman comics amazing since he first joined and Scott Snyder's Court Of Owls is an absolute classic. In fact, Gotham is adapting it to save it's guilty-pleasure ass!

#4 Mighty Show-Runners

As I said before, Scott Snyder is awesome and who's to say he can't run a Batman TV show? He can be a showrunner, head writer and all that. He can become the Kevin Feige of DC TV shows. Sure, Greg Berlanti is good, but the show could be amazing!

#5 A Batman Show Fans Will Adore

Come on, be honest with yourself, haven't you always wanted a live action Batman show? It could be the ultimate comic book TV show, if it happens. What do you think about the idea?


Would you watch a live action Batman TV show?


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