ByDerek Condon, writer at

This whole Scientology mess with actors is unbelievably disturbing. Religion is supose to be about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and bringing people together so that we may live in peace in heaven when we die. Of course there are other reasons as well. When the world says the bible was writen by man, its is said with a negitive connotation not relizing, yes its true. The bible was writen by man for man through God so that we may learn from each other the right and wrongs of this world in order we to live in a better world when we die. Ok so there it is for you man wrote the bible but we can trust it because man can be trusted another words. Then on the flip side scientology was creted by a man, everyone knows it but thats ok. No problem there lets trust him and the church of scientology? Well wich is it people dont belive in the greatest book ever writen by man about life, death and love, but listen to the guy who keeps his church a mystery and is about division and not unification. God has no secrets but scientology does. So in short if its got secrets it cant be good. We cant say that the bible is man mad ignore it and then go follow another man made religion. Especially one that puts themselve before God. 2 words come to mind hypocrisy and idolatry, you deside Thanks for reading.


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