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Unfortunate news hit the web today as director/writer Marcus Dunstan (Saw, The Collector, The Collection) leaves the new Halloween installment, 'Halloween Returns' due to creative differences.

Dunstan came to the project last June with partner Patrick Melton (who is still attached) to pen the film. A couple days ago, producer Malek Akkad told sources that the film was pushed back in development for reconfigurations. Filming was suppose to start this fall but nothing progressed. IMDb's official synopsis for 'Halloween Returns' can be read below:

The now 18-year-old child of one of Myers' victims plays a central role along with the child of a cop whose long been obsessed with Myers' case, even putting it before his own daughter. Myers is now on death row and the two kids with their own personal vendettas against the killer sneak in to watch his execution. But when things go awry and Myers escapes, the pair, along with their friends, find themselves in trouble.


Did you want to see a Halloween movie directed by Marcus Dunstan?


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