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If there's anything Fox's Gotham has done, it's definitely shaken up the mythology surrounding Batman and Gotham City while crafting a story of its own in the span of its slow-burning debut season. But for the past few weeks, Gotham's season two has really been a step above the crime gang-led season one. The villains feel more grounded this season, while the arcs of our main characters seem to promise an entertaining rest of the season. Even our little Bruce Wayne is being pulled in interesting directions.

Gotham also gives fans new takes on Batman's rogues gallery, and it seems that the show is just going to get bigger with each new character stepping on the scene. It was recently announced that House of Cards actor Nathan Darrow will be playing Victor Fries, the man behind Mr. Freeze.

John Stephens, executive producer for the show, added that Mr. Freeze will play a major role in the middle of the season (episodes twelve and thirteen) and will make his debut in the November 30th episode.

Also making his way onto Gotham is Jurassic Park's B.D. Wong, who will be playing Professor Hugo Strange, one of Batman's earliest villains and the first one who discovered his secret identity.

Hugo Strange has been connected to a Gotham appearance for a while now, but now he's officially being brought on the show to run Arkham Asylum. We've seen glimpses on Arkham Asylum from season one during Gordon's temporary operations there (where we also met Leslie Thompkins, a fan favorite). Now that Strange will be running Arkham, is it possible that he may be connected to Indian Hill as well? Who knows; Strange's introduction may shed more light on the darker sides of Wayne Enterprises.

Gotham's second season is a huge improvement from its first, and with the introduction of these two masterminds, the show may further cement itself in the hall of fame for comic book television adaptations.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8:00pm EST on Fox.


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