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As many of you know, Marvel has initiated progressivism within their comic book universe with a female Thor, a black Captain America and an interracial Spider-Man. This will eventually bleed into the MCU, but I would expect it to remain within the confines of the comics for at least another decade. To be clear, I am all for diversifying our superheroes. When changes like this get made in comics, or anything in pop culture for that matter, there are some pretty massive cultural upheavals...or, progressions that can and should be made. I get this is necessary for minorities and women. However, should this ring true for ALL demographics? Thanks to 9GAG we have the answer via some hilarious and illuminating renditions of our favorite heroes redone in a progressive fashion:

1. Batman

Yes, Batman, this does seem more racist...
Yes, Batman, this does seem more racist...

I'm not exactly sure how this fits into the "progressive" category. My only thought is that because Batman is so progressive and flawless by his very nature, the only thing they could really do would be bleach his costume.

2. Aquaman

I guess Arthur Curry's muscular physique could be construed as offensive or shameful towards those in less than stellar health. So, instead of looking to this hero as an example of physical health, he's a shining example of a sedentary lifestyle. Well, I'm sure this version of Aquaman will have no qualms about affirming the seven day a week Burger King diet.

3. Wolverine

Hey, vegans need a superhero too, right? After all, what are those adamantium claws for if not to make a mean vegan stir fry on the grill. But if Marvel did head in this direction with Ole Wolvie, it's a good thing he's not with DC. Pair him up with Positive Body Image Aquaman and you'd have one polarizing duo!

3. The Hulk

I have nothing to add to this one. This picture says it all. But I do have one question to ask Stay At Home Hulk. Can I get one of those purple aprons in my size?

4. Wonder Woman

Now, I know this was meant to be a joke, but I am all for the equal rights of women, especially in regards to fair and equal pay. If you do the same job as a man, you should get the same pay as a man; no snarky comments from me on this picture.

5. Iron Man

I normally wouldn't post profanity in an article, but this was just way too funny not to share.


What do you think about the progressive trends in the comics?


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