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Hold on to your butts. It seems like Bruce Wayne / Batman will be going "Under The Hood" (See what I did there? Y'KNOW YOU DID!) for his next adventure in the DC Entertainment/Movie Universe.

Reported first by Joblo, rumor has it that DC and Warner Bros. will be taking key points from the iconic Batman storylines of A Death In The Family and Under The Hood for the upcoming solo Batman film.
Now by bringing those specific storylines to the big screen, there is one key element that has to come along with it. Or should I say, one key PERSON that has to come along.

Introducing: The Red Hood

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 #18 by Mico Suayan
Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 #18 by Mico Suayan

According to the site, the resurrected Boy Wonder will be making his big screen debut in the Batffleck's upcoming solo film, referred to as The Batman.

To put it simply: Red Hood will play a major role in it, especially for Bruce Wayne/Batman. A while back Latino Review ran a scoop that Red Hood was a "priority" character and that lines up with what we've heard as well. Our sources indicate that Red Hood will be a key player in the first new solo Batman film, which is said to be adapting both the "A Death in the Family" and "Under The Hood" storylines from the comics. Essentially, Red Hood is DC’s answer to Marvel’s Winter Soldier; former sidekicks gone evil and seeking a chance at redemption.

Now if that wasn't enough to get your Bat-Senses tingling (I know that's a different franchise. Just go with it.) Joblo goes on to give details about the plot of the film, which Affleck is reportedly co-writting with DC's Geoff Johns.

According to our sources, the basic plotline of Affleck’s solo Batfilm is that Jason Todd has returned from the grave as the Red Hood, working in the shadows to make people think he's Batman, while making Batman look like a criminal. At the same time he leaves clues about his identity for Bruce/Batman to ultimately solve, leading to a confrontation that will involve Batman, Red Hood, and yes, The Joker, who will feature as a primary villain alongside Red Hood.
It'll go down, a lil' something like this. (courtesy of WB)
It'll go down, a lil' something like this. (courtesy of WB)

One final question, Mr. Joblo: What about Dick Grayson? We know that Jason Todd isn't the first Robin in the Batman comics, so what does that mean for Young Master Dick in the movies?

According to our sources, Grayson is now Nightwing and will be referenced but not seen in Batman V Superman. However, Grayson is expected to show up in the solo Bat-film, assisting Batman in his battle against Red Hood and The Joker
Red Hood & Nightwing (Fan Edit, via Joblo)
Red Hood & Nightwing (Fan Edit, via Joblo)

So not only do we get Batman and The Red Hood in the solo Batfilm, but we also get Nightwing, The Joker, plus two of the best storylines in Bat-History?!
Holy Batman. Someone pinch me.

Alas, this is all unconfirmed at the moment, but one can hope that it may all unfold in such a crazy manner.
However, what is confirmed is that we will see Ben Affleck's Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 25, 2016) and Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad (August 5, 2016). Just thought I'd lighten up the mood, a tad.

You can check out the full video of scoopage above or head over to Joblo for the full report.


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