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Quietly. under our noses, a movement has been growing. In what's being called "the next Pokemon," a new franchise for the latest era of kids is on the rise. Yo-kai Watch, Nintendo's brand new dive into the world of adorable fighting monster creatures, has been taking conventions by storm. back at New York Comic Con, Yo-kai Watch took over the Family Room for a weekend of gaming, photos ops, and playtime with some of the franchise's new heroes.

Now, to ring in the spirit of Halloween and endless candy fountains, Yo-kai Watch has released two posters featuring their adorable little monsters in a parody of two incredible horror films.

First up, Fidgephant deals with a problem that most city kids know as "no public restrooms":

via Nintendo
via Nintendo

Then, Hungramps parodies the 28 days franchises in an equally relatable way - and one everyone has been guilty of at least once:

via Nintendo
via Nintendo

For the uninitiated, the creatures of Yo-kai Watch are monsters that actually represent our moods. If you're feeling tired, bored, sad, happy - these creatures are living representations of those moments. I love these adorable parodies, and I wish there were more!

Make sure to check out the new heroes and collectible creatures of Yo-lai Watch when the game releases in the U.S. on Friday, November 6th!


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