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If you are anything like me then you are excited for the DC Extended Universe which WB/DC are currently working on with next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie in March and then Suicide Squad in August.

A large part of the anticipation is to see the likes of Batman's connection to a lot of it since he is one of the more difficult characters to fathom being at all able to stand side-by-side with the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman (on paper at least).

So Zack Snyder (director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) and Ben Affleck (actor depicting Batman/Bruce Wayne [NOT Slade Wilson]) have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders to do everything justice.

But they're not the only ones with a massive amount of responsibility. In the Suicide Squad movie, which will be directed by Fury director David Ayer, we will be seeing our first live-action depiction of the Joker since Heath Ledger played the character in 2008's Christopher Nolan film, The Dark Knight. The part will be played by actor/singer Jared Leto. The pressure is on!

Despite many fans offering their fair portion of hate and backlash to actor Ben Affleck being cast in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman (even before seeing any footage) as well as hating on the Joker's new look on film, there is still a massive amount of hype and buzz circling both films and we've heard from everyone that both actors did an amazing job in their respective roles.

Jared Leto has been reported to never break character while on the set of Suicide Squad which meant all sorts of torturous pranks being played on fellow cast members such as sending Margot Robbie, who will be playing Harley Quinn (her first ever live-action adaptation), a live rat as well as having Jim Parrack due odd tasks like spray painting some roses black and filling a back full of nails. He's been described as "mesmerizing" and "terrifying" by an array of different actors who worked with him on set.

Similarly, Ben Affleck's depiction of Batman has been reportedly so well received by Warner Bros. executives that they are trying to work out a deal with the actor to have both star and direct in the new stand-alone trilogy that has yet to be added to WB/DC's movie line-up officially.

And if you've kept up on the recent news, Ben Affleck's Batman involvement as far as directing, well things didn't necessarily sound set-in-stone when the actor spoke with TotalFilm:

"If I could make it work, yeah, Obviously that would be like a dream. The trick is, as to any movie, is to make sure that you – if you’re going to direct it – that you can make it good. You’ve got to have the right idea and the right take on it… Broadly speaking, it’s something I’d be open to, for sure. It’s a very exciting idea."

So obviously we know that he'd be up for it and I'm sure that if WB/DC were willing to pay the right price then Affleck could make room in his schedule to create his Batfleck Trilogy (please let that be the blu-ray collection's official name when the time comes).

The Rumor

Well, now the rumor from is that Ben Affleck is slated to return to the role of Gotham's Dark Knight as well as taking a seat in the director's chair. But the rumor doesn't stop there.

Apparently the inside scoop is that Batman's next solo outing that takes place in the DC Extended Universe will be set to adapt two mile-stone storylines from Batman's comic book past:

A Death in the Family

The book is the sad story arc shows us one of the most traumatizing events in Batman's life since the murder of his mother and father.

The second Robin, Jason Todd, finds himself on a self-appointed mission to find his mom when what he really discovers is a dubious con organized and manipulated by the Joker himself. The end result is the horrifying acts of taking a crowbar and beating a tied-up and defenseless Jason Todd before setting off a bomb in the warehouse where Jason's bruised and broken body lay; a horrible testament to the fact that Batman can't be everywhere nor can he save everyone.

We already know that there is an event that takes place within the DC Extended Universe that parallels this to some degree as we see many hints alluding to this in the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when we see Robin's suit being displayed as a tribute to Batman's former ally with the words of the Joker sprayed across the suit reading: "Ha Ha Ha Jokes on you Batman".

Focusing on this storyline alone would be one that would be sure to have a deeply emotional touch to it. We've seen so many different depictions of Batman's comic book history adapted to film with both Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder taking different elements of Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" graphic novels. It would be nice to dive into some of the other areas of the Dark Knight's mythos though.

But this isn't the only story-line being adapted to the rumored film. The second big piece to this puzzle is the follow-up story-line to "A Death in the Family":

Under the Red Hood

Now all of my friends and family can tell you that I am a huge Red Hood fan ever since I saw the animated film under the same name.

The idea behind the story is that Jason Todd, the Robin who Joker beat to death and blew to pieces back in 1989's comic book was somehow revived and returned to the living but under a much different impression of what justice looked like compared to Batman's view.

The Red Hood returns to Gotham and tries to take control of its Crime World and believes that there really is no "defeating crime" as Batman has dedicated his life to doing but that a controlled system that is policed will help minimize the fruits of its inevitable destruction.

But that isn't his real purpose is it? Maybe a little, but his ultimate goal is to:

  • To seek revenge and do the one thing that Batman never could: Kill the Joker.
  • To seek out Batman and make him suffer for not killing the Joker after having Jason Todd killed by the Clown Prince of Crime's own hand.

It's a great story and one that is even better in the comics then it is in the animated adaptation.


With those two storylines in mind, that means we'll not only see Ben Affleck return to the role of Batman but also Jared Leto's return as the Joker which is something I think a lot of us really, really want to see happen again on film.

But that's not the only interesting casting news (considering we all assumed that). The other rumor is that WB/DC are seeking an unknown to play the role of Jason Todd whose appearance will be similar to that of the his comic book and Batman: Arkham Knight video game appearance.

To cap it all off, Batman, Joker, and Red Hood aren't the only ones having a fun time in Batfleck's Batflick but the studios are also reportedly seeking out an actor to play the role of Nightwing aka Dick Grayson aka the first Robin.

Nightwing will probably be in the movie to help Batman combat both Red Hood and ultimately the Joker.


If this rumor turns out to be true then I will extremely happy. Although, I say that WB doesn't need to look any further than their own hit show on CW, Supernatural, to find their Jason Todd/Red Hood & Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

What do you guys think of this rumor? Do you hope it's true? I know I do. Who would you like to see in the roles of Red Hood and Nightwing? And if Red Hood's story isn't one you want to see on film, let me know what story you would like to see brought to the big screen! And...don't forget to vote in the poll!

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