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On October 30th, it was announced that B.D. Wong would be taking the recurring role of Dr. Hugo Strange on season 2 of FOX's Gotham. For those who don't know, Strange is one of Batman's oldest foes, predating even the Joker. Many recognize him from his appearance in the Arkham series of Batman games.

Some have already voiced their confusion at the selection of an Asian-American actor as the traditionally white character. But Wong's track record shows that he can truly bring Strange to life. His appearances as Dr. Henry Wu in both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World prove he's got the "mad scientist" vibe down perfectly. More importantly, his role in Jurassic World proved he could be charismatic, controlling, and intimidating - all key characteristics of Strange.

On top of that, he has the look. Wong could very easily shave his head and put on the glasses, and he'll look just like the good Doctor. Yes, his race is different, but it's far from a key component of Strange. In fact, with the underrepresentation of Asian-Americans in film and television, this is a change I can fully get behind.

In the context of the show, Strange will be working as the director of the recently revealed Indian Hill "black site" laboratory run by Wayne Enterprises. Similar to his appearance in the Young Justice cartoon, he will hide his manipulative nature behind an air of good will and altruism. B.D. Wong has all the necessary experience, as the good natured facade is reminiscent of Henry Wu once again.

So yes, though the change makes the character a bit different, Wu's experience means it's well worth it for any fan to give him the chance. Even if you don't like it, you have to admit it feels just a bit... Strange.



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