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If there's anything I love about cosplay, it's the creativity of crossover costumes. Hit-or-miss by nature, these costumes have the potential for awesome photo shoots and interesting fan fiction - so when I stumbled across this awesome group by the Skirts & Swords cosplay team, I totally flipped out. The original concept for the group was created by Rage Gear Studios, and it looks amazing:

Rage Gear Studios
Rage Gear Studios

An outrageous mix of the original '80s cartoons for both Jem and the Holograms and X-Men, the team has proudly titled their version of the band, "Jaz and the Hardlight Projections." Check out some gorgeous single shots below!

Meredith Placko as "Jaz" (Jem/Dazzler)

ChubbyBunny Michelle as "Beja" (Psylocke/Aja)

Alicia Marie as "Orana" (Ororo/Shana)

Yume Ninja as "Kimarie" (Kimber/Rogue)

Emma Fyffe as "Raylee" (Raya/Jubilee)

Want more of the group? Indulge in the work of photographer Greg De Stefano, and check out the behind-the-scenes video from the shoot below!


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