ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

Sandra Bullock is a badass, and that is why she is able to play one on TV. From Miss Congeniality, to The Blind Side, to Our Brand Is Crisis, Bullock has no problems taking names and kicking major butt.

Which is why it only makes sense that this top-notch actress is set to be a part of director Gary Ross' female Ocean's Eleven film.

The project first came into fruition with the collective minds of Jerry Weintraub, Steven Soderbergh, and George Clooney himself. Olivia Milch, a writer known for being the go-to for female-centric films, has already been working on the screenplay for a few months now.

Although Weintraub unfortunately passed away last summer, the project has still been in the works and is gaining speed, as Milch has the first draft finished.

While the plot details of the female Ocean's is being kept secret, we can cross our fingers that we start hearing little tidbits. I personally am so excited to see some strong, fearless women pull off a massive sting operation.

[Source: Indiewire Playlist]


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