ByMelissa Daly Muir, writer at

I'm one of the 9+ million pod people who more then LOVED SOA, I cried through every character loss & the last 2 episodes me & a bar full of my SOA fan friends looked like drunk blubbering idiots. I can't wait until my son is a few years older & I can watch this with him, he will finally get to see why his parents loved it so much. (My son is 11, has seen the Sopranos in its entirety & to date has NOT whacked anyone, joined a gang, done or sold drugs or had panic attacks at the site of ducks! Bringing the TV made me do it argument to its knees.)

Currently, my mother is almost done watching it, we will watch the finale together tonight. She's a Catholic school woman from new york, who is a grandma to my 11 year old, who still yells at me when I saw f**k, yet she too is addicted to the show.

You don't have to like the show, or understand why we do, I personally dislike someone who's vocabulary is so limited they say yous all, (BTW do u have any idea how much effort it took to get that past spellcheck!) Or who insists on saying obanation, instead of abomination, but hey, we all have our own dislikes. I myself have better things to do then to go after any of these morons personally!


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