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I was watching Honest Trailers' take on Guardians of the Galaxy (which if you haven't seen, watch it above before moving on; hilariously wonderful) and, while riffing on "the space Avengers," I thought about what it would look like if they had cast the MCU differently? Imagine for a moment, if you will, an alternate universe where the cast of the MCU were switched around. Some of these are fitting, while others are preposterously laughable. Let's look at how things would be different in this alternate universe.

Iron Man/Bradley Cooper

Bruce Banner/Vin Diesel

Black Widow/ Zoe Saldana

Thor/Dave Bautista

Steve Rogers/Chris Pratt

Hawkeye/ Nathan Fillion

Scarlet Witch/Karen Gillan

Quicksilver/Peter Serafinowicz

Vision/John C. Reilly

Now let's look at what Guardians of the Galaxy would look like in this alternate universe.

Rocket Raccoon/Robert Downey Jr.

Star-Lord/Chris Evans

Gamora/Scarlett Johansson

Groot/Mark Ruffalo

Drax the Destroyer/Chris Hemsworth


Which switched role do you think would work out the best?


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