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As we all know, Oliver was supposed to be the next Ra's Al Ghul, but he then gave the ring that Ra's handed him to Malcolm making him the next Ra's Al Ghul. Now, as we know from the mid season finale of Arrow (Season 3, Ep. 09) Oliver went and fought Ra's because Malcolm told him to in order to stop the League of Assassins form going after him and Thea for the death of Sara. If it wasn't for Tatsu Oliver would be dead, but he isn't. Thanks Tatsu! I was sure that the Lazarus Pit would have been used to bring back Oliver, but sadly, it was not. Let's relive that moment when Ra's killed Oliver.

So, now that we see Oliver die, again, you're welcome for that, let's talk about the events leading to Malcolm becoming the next Ra's Al Ghul. During the Mid-season finale, Ra's says that no one has challenged him to a battle in over 67 years, meaning that Bruce Wayne (Batman) has not trained with Ra's yet. At the end of Season 3, Oliver and Ra's are partaking in a battle at the Starling (Star) City dam, Oliver then uses the same technique that Ra's used to kill Oliver in Nanda Parbat. Oliver then says the prayer to Ra's that he said to him, Ra's then tells him that he chose well with Oliver and hands him the ring.

At the end of the season finale of Arrow, skipping Oliver and Thea's little chat, Oliver walks over to Malcolm and they "shake" hands, when really Oliver is secretly giving the ring to Malcolm. Oliver then says he wont be able to forgive him after what he did to Thea and Sara, Malcolm then ask if that makes them enemies and Ollie says "that depends with what you do with your end of the bargain."

Now that Malcolm is Ra's Al Ghul, though I would have liked to see Nyssa become the next Ra's, I can get started on the theory of Malcolm being the same Ra's we had seen in Batman Begins. Now I know that the movie verse is different from the T.V. verse, I think this is a pretty interesting theory.

Now, since the Ra's Al Ghul we seen Oliver fight said no one has challenged him in over 67 years, that means Bruce hasn't trained or fought him yet, I know I already said this, but I will keep saying as much as I need to. Now that Malcolm is Ra's, this means that he has new challengers yet to come. This means that Bruce could have trained with Malcolm Merlyn's Ra's Al Ghul. Now I know you're probably thinking that Ra's from Batman Begins (Liam Nissan) and Malcolm Merlyn's Ra's (John Barrowman) have different characteristics, but think about it.

Ra's Al Ghul (Liam Nissan) frees Bruce from the prison he is in and tells him to search for a rare blue flower that grows in the mountain. Now, this blue flower looks the same as the flower we see in this season of Arrow, the flower used to make the drug Slam. This blue flower, causes hallucinations, making you face your biggest fear, just like Johnathan Crane's Scarecrow, Vertigo, and the drug Slam from Arrow. Ra's then trains Bruce and wants him to lead a war onto Gotham, but Bruce refuses and they fight causing them to slide down the side of the cliff and almost falling to their death, but Bruce saves the both of them. Could Liam Nissan's Ra's Al Ghul be Malcolm Merlyn's Ra's Al Ghul from Arrow?

I don't have much to this theory, but I do think about it a lot. Since the Movie Verse and the T.V. Verse are different this means that it is unlikely to be. Currently with Gotham, Bruce is too young to search from Ra's, meaning that when he trains with Ra's, it would be Malcolm Merlyn who teaches him. Y'all have to somewhat agree with me. There is a possibility that Malcolm's Ra's is the Ra's that trained Bruce in Batman Begins and could be the one that trains him in Gotham, if they take the show that far, or at least make a new show with Batman. I leave you with this, could Malcolm Merlyn's Ra's Al Ghul be the Ra's that trains Bruce Wayne?


Is Malcolm Merlyn's Ra's the same Ra's from Batman Begins?


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