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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

The DCEU is set to introduce a ton of new characters on to the big screen including The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and of course Ben Affleck's Batman. DC obviously is satisfied with Affleck's work so far and there have been rumors that he will be helming the next solo Batman film.

With that being said, a new rumor has come out that suggest that the solo film Affleck is rumored to be directing will be based off of two very popular storylines.

The Solo film to be based off A Death In the Family and Under The Hood?

This rumor is coming from JoBlo, the same source that reported the Wonder Woman rumors last week, and they suggest that the solo Batman film will be based off of Batman: A Death in the Family and it's follow up Under the Hood.

"According to our sources, the basic plotline of Affleck’s solo Batfilm is that Jason Todd has returned from the grave as the Red Hood, working in the shadows to make people think he's Batman, while making Batman look like a criminal. At the same time he leaves clues about his identity for Bruce/Batman to ultimately solve, leading to a confrontation that will involve Batman, Red Hood, and yes, The Joker, who will feature as a primary villain alongside Red Hood."

If this rumor is true, this is huge for Batman fans! Especially for those who are a fan of the comics! The ,most excited aspect of this information is the fact that if they indeed did base the film off of A Death in the Family and Under the Hood, that means the introduction of two extremely popular DC characters!

Red Hood and Nightwing coming to the DCEU?

Red Hood and Nightwing are possibly two of the biggest cult characters in all of DC. If you don't know the Death of the Family story, Jason Todd gets brutally murdered by The Joker and in Under the Hood is brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit and began to seek vengeance against his former mentor, Batman, as the Red Hood! This isn't the only thing, it is also rumored that another Robin, Dick Grayson, will join Batman in his fight against Red Hood!

Who could play these two on-screen?

If this rumor does in fact pan out like I know a lot of you are hoping it will, the question remains, who could play Jason Todd and Dick Grayson in the DCEU? This is a topic that has been highly debated but I think if they went with the Death in the Family story arc, these two would be perfect!

Tyler Hoechlin as Red Hood!

We would be getting the Red Hood version of Jason Todd so he would need to be pretty deranged. The lazarus Pit is known for changing ones mind and giving them a lust for blood. After Jason Todd was murdered by The Joker he became completely deranged, and who better to pull it off than Tyler Hoechlin. He definitely isn't meant for Robin, but he would be a damn great Red Hood! If I were to hand pick Red Hood right now he would be my pick!

Daniel Radcliffe as Nightwing!

I know what you all are saying "Harry Potter as Nightwing? You must be crazy!" but hear me out. Daniel Radcliffe is still relatively young, 26, and he has the physical features to play Nightwing. If he could get around the agent and get a American accent down I think he could do great! It may be a bit hard to get over the fact the he was and forever will be Harry Potter, but he is a tremendous young actor and I would love to see him as Nightwing!

Hopefully these rumors are true!

A Death in the Family and Under the Hood are two of, if not the greatest Batman storylines ever. There is so many storyline opportunities that can stem from the introduction of Red Hood and Nightwing. I'm really hoping that there is truth to this because I have been campaigning for Red Hood to join get DCEU for months and Nightwing on top of that makes it so much better! Thats all hoe and pray that this happens and we finally get a proper introduction into the Red Hood family!


Do you want to see Red Hood and Nightwing in the DCEU?


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