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hi everyone! well first i got to say that "flash" is one of my favourite shows and i am really exited and curious to find out who is "zoom", wich as we know is the main villian of this season and for some reason he want to kill our dear flash, since the begining of the season he has been sending metahumans to do the work, but the all have failed so its just a manner of time for our main antagonist to try to handle the trouble by itself. But who is this misteryous man? who is behind the black mask? i have a few of suspects...

1. eddie thawne

this is my top suspect since you know what happen in the finale of the first season...

why eddie! :(
why eddie! :(

after he shot himself to prevent the birth of eobard thawne a.k.a the reverse flash, his body was abosrbed by the warmwhole, so... what if he didn't die after all? maybe his body was exposed to dark matter or something like or he could also be exposed to the speed force bringing his body back to life and making him a speedster, but why want to kill the flash? well maybe if he comes back he might not be the same eddie we know and love or to get iris back, who knows.

2. Henry Allen

well earth-2 henry allen, maybe he end up killing earth-1 henry allen giving it a huge plot twist and a reason for barry to hate and maybe kill him, but why become evil? maybe things went the other way you know, barry is in jail and nora is dead, that might explain this...

we already saw him behind bars, but why? how did he got there?

3. Death (black flash)

thats right, comicbook readers may be familiar for the character, the black flash fulfills the role of death for the speedsters returning them to the source of their powers: the Speed Force. i mean zoom looks pretty muh like him, if you dont believe me check him again.

the black suit, creepy mask, i could totally buy the idea of him being death, would you?

4. Barry Allen

the flash himself, obviously the earth-2 barry allen, it makes sense cause jay garrick is the flash in earth-2 so where does that leave our earth-2 barry? it the latest promo of "the darkness and the light" wells tells barry that he created zoom, so we know harrison wells (eobard thawne) created the flash in earth-1 but what if in earth-2 harrison wells gives barry his powers and he turns out evil or something, check the promo bleow!

so waht is your opinion? do you agree in any of my theories? why? let me know below!!


so who doy you think is zoom?


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