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A MAJOR SCOOP reported by is that they have huge details on the upcoming solo Batman film presumably titled The Batman. Fair warning though as the details COULD reveal major spoilers for the film so please be advised that if you don't want to look then LEAVE NOW.


The rumored storyline for The Batman is that Jason Todd, a former Robin, comes back from the dead (Lazarus Pit?) and pretends to be Batman in all the wrong ways, making him look like a criminal. He leaves clues about his true identity for Bruce Wayne to find, leading up to a confrontation that will include Batman, Red Hood, and Jared Leto’s Joker. Nightwing will also be a main character to help Batman even the odds.

Sounds cool right? This piece of information goes hand in hand with that letter we saw in the trailer for Batman v Superman.

I mean Jason Todd is basically family to Bruce Wayne and it would make sense for him to write that letter right after the destruction of Bruce's building, mocking him not only for not saving the people in his building but failing to save him as well.

Now this rumor is not confirmed in anyway but Joblo has, in the past ,nailed a big Marvel rumor so it's not like they are unreliable. And the rumor would fit perfectly in terms of what DC is trying to do with Batman in the DCCU. There is more information on the movie on their website and if you wanna read more a link will be provided down below.

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