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DC has quite a lot to prove in 2016. With the release of both Suicide Squad and [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), Warner Bros is setting a new bar for superhero movies with higher stakes, new heroes, and eventually, the formation of the Justice League. Now, JoBlo reports that the studio is looking years ahead to Ben Affleck's proposed Batman films.

In a report which will no doubt continue to spur rumors that Jared Leto's Joker is actually former Robin, Jason Todd, the site asserts that the planned movies, which Affleck is reportedly writing alongside the incredible Geoff Johns, will focus on two stories that have become iconic within the comic book canon: Death in the Family and Under the Red Hood.

Under The Red Hood DVD Cover (2010)
Under The Red Hood DVD Cover (2010)

For anyone who hasn't gotten the chance to read these emotional stories, the basic story revolves around Batman, Jason Todd (formerly, the second Robin after Dick Grayson), and the Joker. In a plot to mentally wreck Batman (again), The Joker beats Jason Todd to death with a crowbar and leaves his body for Batman to find, as Batman arrives too late to save his sidekick. Years later, a mysterious figure called the Red Hood surfaces, wreaking havoc on Gotham and impersonating Batman. Red Hood ultimately reveals himself to be Jason Todd, back from the dead thanks to the Lazarus Pit and hell-bent on getting back at the supposed hero who left him to die.

It is an intense, emotional, beautiful story, and the very idea of seeing it on the big screen is incredible. Jason Todd's existence has already been hinted at in the trailer for Batman V. Superman, his former suit spray-painted over with taunts from the Joker himself.

JoBlo breaks down the basic idea of what fans can expect below -- but be warned, this contains possible spoilers!

To put it simply: Red Hood will play a major role in it, especially for Bruce Wayne/Batman. A while back Latino Review ran a scoop that Red Hood was a "priority" character and that lines up with what we've heard as well. Our sources indicate that Red Hood will be a key player in the first new solo Batman film, which is said to be adapting both the "A Death in the Family" and "Under The Hood" storylines from the comics. Essentially, Red Hood is DC’s answer to Marvel’s Winter Soldier; former sidekicks gone evil and seeking a chance at redemption.

It's a similar sense of story in the emotion -- the presence of someone special that our hero ultimately feels like he let down, making the former sidekicks walking embodiments of regret for Captain America and Batman. Fans of Marvel's cinematic universe are already obsessed with the relationship between Cap and Bucky, but with a starkly different dynamic between Jason Todd and Bruce Wayne, this makes for a very interesting twist on your traditional tale of regret.

What's more, it seems as though Nightwing has a role in the story, though the details are a little scarce:

Naturally, the question will come up about whether or not Red Hood will be referenced as the second Robin and if Dick Grayson, the first Robin will play a role. According to our sources, Grayson is now Nightwing and will be referenced but not seen in Batman V Superman. However, Grayson is expected to show up in the solo Bat-film, assisting Batman in his battle against Red Hood and The Joker.

This particular storyline most recently explored in [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936), which saw a super suited Jason Todd posing as Batman as a haunting hallucination of The Joker plagues Batman's mind throughout the story, slowly driving him insane. Before that, the animated adaptation of Under The Red Hood received the highest of praises from fans and critics alike.

While the story has been told countless times, countless ways, it's still a hard-hitting chapter of Batman's life, and it would be incredible to see it come to life up on the big screen.


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