ByRoger Tessier Jr, writer at
Roger Tessier Jr

It has come to my attention since the passing of Heath ledger that everyone has prompted him to be the best joker of all time. I sorely disagree with this common yet annoying view of the role. Quite simply without taking the different interpretations of joker over the years, there was nothing extremely comical about heath's portrayal. He was just basically a psychopath with face paint.

i stand by Jack Nicholson's adaptation 100%. While many "comic fans" argue the entire story line of that Batman one thing remains abundantly clear nobody made me laugh at actions by the joker like he did when I actually should have been appalled. Example of such is the "buzzer kill" in the conference room with fellow gangsters while Jack dances around his victim like he is at his high school prom. Sick deffinetly but hilarious none the less. In comparison to heaths pencil trick which was just stupid.... No flare at all which is what the joker is about , in almost any comic line he is known for.

Granted I understand that Batman in real life (which is what the dark knightseries is about) would not most likely deal with such an individual to begin with but we also have to understand that there is no real life batman option period. It's comic fantasy, so treat it as such..... It's make believe.

Heath ledger did a good job but it was not a legendary joker... let's face it, that role was so epic because of his passing as unfortunate as it was. Perfect cameo to the same situation was the passing of Paul walker in the most recent Fast and Furious... Solid out box office, and the best movie of his career.... He also was a good actor but there was nothing ground breaking about the performance.... Same with Heath. I'm not hating on Heath personally at all hell his performance in "the patriot" was iconic and fantastic.


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