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Donald Trumbo was a screenwriter and novelist who was blacklisted by Hollywood in the prime of his career.

He began his career in writing in the 1930's and made his name known in Hollywood with films such as: Spartacus, Exodus, and Papillon. His legacy as a writer still lives on today, with his films being looked at as blueprints and being considered for remakes.


The most interesting thing about Trumbo, although he had an illustrious career was his personal life. Which will obviously be the basis for the titled film starring Bryan Cranston. For those who have no knowledge of Trumbo here are a few reasons to get excited about the 1940's based film.

1. He Was Blacklisted For Being A Suspected Communist

At a very tense moment in American History, Hollywood became paranoid that there were writers and directors inserting communist propaganda into American film and television.

Hollywood decided to investigate ten Hollywood contributors known as the 'Hollywood Ten- of that ten, Trumbo was one of the ten called upon for his involvement in the communist party. He refused and was instantly blacklisted by Hollywood and served eleven months in prison as punishment. His trial and involvement will be visited in the film.

2. His Accolades or lack thereof

Dalton Trumbo wrote hundreds of screenplays before being blacklisted and continued to write them after under several different pseudonyms.

While blacklisted Trumbo's films Roman Holiday and The Brave One went on to win academy awards, of which Dalton was not credited for. The Brave One's award was accredited to a pseudonym Dalton had created. While Roman Holiday was essentially awarded to an actor who took the credit for the film at the request of the academy.

Hollywood tried its hardest to keep Trumbo down and as a result it took decades for Dalton to be awarded properly. He received his awards in 1975 (The Brave One) and 1993 (Roman Holiday) years after the film's release and even one after his death in 1976. This leaves room for a dramatic telling of Dalton's life, which was dramatic if not troubled. Which leads me to my last reason.

3. Bryan Cranston's Interpretation

Bryan will knock this role out of the park
Bryan will knock this role out of the park

It is no secret that Bryan Cranston is an excellent actor, fans of Breaking Bad (I being one of them) will tell you that. Cranston is a chameleon of sorts, willing and able to bend and transform into characters, varying from comedic to dramatic (Just look at the difference between Breaking Bad and Malcolm In The Middle), but it seems that until late, he has yet to receive the respect he deserves as an actor.

Now the holder of countless Emmy awards and a Golden Globe for Breaking Bad, Cranston is looking to tackle a whole different monster with this role. He'll look to transform into the talented and battled Dalton Trumbo and bring us a dramatic yet realistic adaptation of the person responsible for some of Hollywood's earliest blockbusters, and to be honest we cannot wait.

Trumbo will hit theaters Friday, November 6th, and stars Bryan Cranston, Helen Mirren, John Goodman, Louis CK and many more!


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