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Hello, I happen to ship Klayley and Camilijah instead of the current ships Klami and Halijah.Instead of simply giving reasons why I ship my ships I’ll go along stating why the current ships don’t work for me. Lets start with Klami and Camilijah in the pilot episode. Klamis first conversation infront of the painting starts after Klaus has just learned about his childs existance. Even though he is bitter and wants to walk away from his new fate and responsibility, facing weither he wants it or not that he is a demaged man and he probably even finds himself to be incapable of raising a child. Thats why he feels drawn standing infront of the painting which is a expression of the way he feels now and with what he is dealing with. Now Cami not even knowing a thing about Klaus says it out loud while they actually refer to the painting, a awkward silence following. We also get to know that Cami is an admirer of art, which just happens to be Klaus way of making girls swoon as we remember from the Klayley scenes in TVD 4x16.

It is funny that in the same pilot episode Cami reffers to Klaus as narcisstic and paranoid to Elijah as he talks with Cami about his brother and his ways of behaviour. Both seem to be quite enjoying each others presense and have a mutual understanding of each other as she says that he is always the one getting his brother out of trouble. It is also a deleted Camilijah scene in this episode where Cami advises Elijah to not give up on Klaus. Elijah and Cami are both people who try to save and fix their family and all people they care about. Klami doesn’t work for me because even though Klaus does care for Cami very much on some level he has manipulated her numerous times against her will even when she said that the damaged ones aren’t good for her, Klaus compels Cami to give Marcel another chance after he comments with taking offense on Camis comment about bad boys being bad for her with referring to Camis comment of a man damaged by his demons.

Now if Klaus has fallen that much for her why does Tylers remarks about Caroline still drive him furious in 1x07? Thats not to say that I’m a Klaroline fan because this thing happened without any real foundation for romantic feelings to be there (even though I enjoyed their scenes). IMO both Caroline and Cami are a replacement for his dear little sister Rebekah, who he has daggared in TVD season 3 just when he sees young innocent helpless Caroline lying in her bed dying, just like Rebekah was helpless at her transition or is helpless right there in the moment while lying daggered. He also meets Cami at a time when he is on bad terms with Rebekah and one thing that makes it even more rediculous is that after he meets Cami he gives Caroline a “ I Intend to be your last love” speech. He also aproaches to Caroline in TVD 5x11 as he is on quiet bad terms with everyone and wants to have an assurance that he is worth something thats why he also offers to leave her alone after she confesses that she has feelings for him. It is also after he saw Hayley crying over her fight with Elijah where he kind of seemed to give up on fighting against the Halijah thing cause he feels as if he doesn’t stand a chance anymore after sseing Hayley crying.

Going back to that Klami thing it is clear to me that he does care sincerely for her on some level but he only searches for a real conversation with her after Marcel tells him, that he likes Cami because she doesn’t have to do anything with the supernaural world and that its good sometimes to see things through the eyes of a human. Thats what Klaus sees in Cami a therapist and someone pure hearted who could tell him how to be a good father and family member to not destroy his child as he fears he would. It is always when he has familial problems or mostly him being replaced by Elijah to Hayley and his child that he shows care for Cami it’s been this way in 1x04 when he lets Cami type his memoires after he saw Hayley reading Elijahs journey and obviously felt hurt that Hayley admires Elijah because he was kind to her, making Klaus feel like he wasn’t kind to her as she doesn’t offer Klaus the same care as Elijah and it is that he compels Cami to don’t worry about Shawn after Hayley showed again care for Elijah despite Klaus being caring in that moment in the bayou right in front of her. Same with the episodes short after he bit Elijah and Cami said it herself he calls her to come to him, because he has noone else to talk to (1x04).

After Cami got furious with him for having a part in killing the witch that had a part in killing her brother, she threatens to expose him if he would harm Davina or Josh and in 1x12 she says to Marcel that Klaus is a monster and Klaus completes her sentence of her not being a monster like him when he asks why she doesn’t stab him with Tundes blade.In this episode Elijah tells Hayley that he goes out of her way, because their slightest interaction infuriates Klaus. Ironcally this can’t really be supported considering that Klaus gave Hayley advise on her fight with Elijah in 1x11.But we saw Klaus be infuriated over Halijah and he surely still is. but going from 1x11 I think Elijahs excuse with infuriated Klaus is just a way of Elijah secretely knowing somewhere deep down that the Halijah thing is wrong and won’t do any good for him or his family. In 1x15 Elijah asks Cami politlely for help and advises her how she is most likeley to not be involved in danger from Klaus. In 1x17 right after Rebekah left town because of Klauses cruelty as she called it, Cami tells Klaus that he doesn’t get the concept of family as he rejects her as she asks for help for her uncle. Now that reply reminds me pretty much of the moment when Rebekah tells Nick indirectly that he doesn’t know what family means. Reminded of and missing Rebekah he offers to help Cami with Kieran the other episode. Giving a little remark about Klayley and Halijah in 1x17 both Hayley and Klaus wanted Elijah to include the wolfs in the piece arangements between species and when Hayley starts her speech at the party Klaus comments amused that he doesn’t want to stop her because “ the party just got interesting”, while Elijah annoyingly asks “ Are you approaching a point?”

In 1x18 Klaus compliments Hayley and calls her a queen for the first time brushing her suspicions about him being manipulative to the wolfs away with a slight laugh and smile. When Marcels people attack Klaus wants to go to Hayley, but Hayley calls for Elijah and Elijah gets to her before Klaus can even make a step. Klaus whatches the scene and leaves the room all down leaving his drink at the table. Although Klaus heard about Cami being with Marcel and Genevieve giving up on helping Camis uncle, Klaus goes home confronts Elijah about Hayley and after their falling out where Elijah says that he will take what he wants and that nothing can stop him Klaus is leaning with his airms on the stairs having a despretate expression on his face. Its after this falling out that Klaus tells Cami about Genevieve not wanting to help her uncle anymore and acts out angry in regards to Marcel and Marcel and Cami. Now where people think that this is simply jealousy about the Marcel/Cami relationship, I believe after everything with Rebekah he simply saw Marcel as someone threatening his family.

In 1x19 Elijah is with Hayley and tells her that a better life can’t be gotten through an alliance with Klaus, while Klaus tried everything to help the wolves. After the attack Hayley calls Klaus to help her kick Marcels ass, Klaus can’t come immediatly because he is buisy with Camis crazed up uncle to help Cami, because noone else seemed to need him this day before, so he promises Hayley that he’ll come as soon as possible and asks her to stay out of trouble. Hayley feels rejected so she lies that Elijah is with her. So in the end Klaus stays longer with Cami because she asks him to while he has the impression that Hayley doesn’t necesserly need him or want him with her since Elijah is there as he thinks.But Hayley made a remark how she would be alone in raising the baby as Klaus won’t be there to change diapers even if she’d want it.

In 1x20 Hayley decides to move in into the compound again as she sees Klaus showing kindness towards her even though Elijah asked her before but she didn’t want to. In 1x21 Klaus makes fun of the Elijah Jackson Hayley triangle while Jackson is tight to a chair and the building mined with bombs. When they go back to Hayley Klaus makes an “ I’m fine too” nod as Hayley doesn’t show to be concerned for him. In that episode Genevieve replies to Hayley that she doesn’t see that both Klaus and Elijah are bending over backwards for her and that she is the point of all of this while Hayley expresses feeling useless. In 1x22 we see a flashback of Klaus teasing Hayley that she might write a love letter to him as Hayley memorizes the whole flashback. It is Klaus who howled back in rage when he hears Hayley howl out in pain and he screams no as he sees Hayley throat being cut. He has pulled Hayley of the alter holding her dead body and crying for her as Elijah finds them, although Klaus could have chased after the witches to save their daughter. Elijah puts Hayley back on the altar which leads to her waking up all alone on an alter remembering being killed and Klaus screaming “No” being one of the things she remembers. Hayley comes into the crypt and Klaus isn’t putting off his gaze from Hayley during the whole crypt scene. She is also looking at him when saying that she’ll do anything to save their daughter. They also stand together while diciding that Rebekah should be her guardian until its save for Hope to come back, while Elijah needed to be convinced. It is again after Klaus has something bad having happend in his family (probably the worst he has ever experienced) through having to give his baby daughter away for her savety, that we see a Klami scene where Cami feels awful thinking the babys dead and blaming herself. Klaus feeling the most broken he has ever been blames himself and calls Cami who he always saw as a sympol of purity beautyfull, which he doesn’t want destroyed just like his child. And Cami swoons over his words imediately. The reason why this feels so constructed to me is that just the episode before she was giving Marcel the devils star a weapon, which can cause people to experience the pain of a thousand cuts through the inside of the body, to use against Klaus. As Cami is outside leaving the compound we see Elijah standing on the balcony above her watching her go.

In season 2 Klaus and Hayley both greeve fo their daughter the destructive closed up way. In the Halijah scenes we see Hayley having quiet a rude attitude towards Elijah and later when she is destroying the nursery she spills out how she was a mother and now is a monster and that Elijahs way of looking at her also changed. Elijah is unable to tell her that she isn’t a monster, while he is surely hurt that she laoths being what he is but it comes off as more as if Elijah is speaking out to the rift that he can’t no longer deny due to them originaly being from two in nature and history opposed species. Elijah then seeing that he is incapable to help Hayley in any way enlists Klaus to do so where Klaus desperately asks what he could do to ease her pain since they lost their child. You can see that he wants to help her but feeling the gravity of the pain Hayley experiences the same way he can’t imagine that it is in his power to help her, thats when Elijah says that she needs to reunite with her pack. Thats where I ask myself why is Elijah completely shuting off from Hayley the next episode saying that she should be with her own kind. I mean he could have let Klaus teach Hayley how to be a hybrid and try to help her with his kndness and romantic gestures, Klaus even said that Hayley has Elijah to help seeming to come to acceptance about the Halijah thing. And also who should need Klaus the lesser brother when he has the noble gentleman Elijah by his side right? It is Klaus who helps Hayley come to stability again while she feels offended by Elijah turning his back on her, by calling her and giving her confidence in the role of the wolf queen, who makes plans with her to marry Jackson to protect their daughter, who acts out in aggressive mood when Oliver wasn’t up to obey to Oliver, but lets go off him as Hayley reasons with him to do so. Klaus makes a speech to the wolves full of mery unlike him. As he is about to go he turns around and says to Hayley how the wolves should pay her more respect…

When Elijah is kidnapped by Esther Hayley decides to help Klaus with Mikeal from who he wants to save Cami from who convinced him to not kill him after Klaus has again reached out to her for therapy sessions. He listened to her not killing the man who has made it his lifes purpose to destroy everything and everyone that Klaus loves out of the depth of loathing that he felt towards the child who wasn’t his own after all. And he also waited in the car as Cami demanded with the clock ticking. Kol said it right calling Klaus Camis puppy cause Klaus isn’t acting like his own person anymore. He vows to Cami that he will kill Mikeal for what he did to Cami but yet he doesn’t even waste a thought on Mikeal later until Freya comes in the picture due to Elijah and his families safety coming before anything that concerns Cami. We only see Cami when she is supposed to play therapist to Elijah or babysitter to Hope.

The Camilijah scenes were very lovely to me and they are the reason I really jumped on board with the Camilijah ship Cami dmits to elijah that she is also a mess due to being pulled into supernatural stuff by Klaus. They are having fun and even though Elijah is clearly brushing of any cooperation for therapy and opening up to Cami. She knows very well where she has to push the buttons with him, apearing to be a confident woman in her element. Elijah also has the domestic peaceful experience with Cami that is what he needs and longs for. They are having fun, but when Elijah is loosing it heavily due to the PTSD where he dreamt of sucking Hayley out, as Cami reaches out to him not wanting to leave him alone in that phase he snaps out of it before he can bite Cami and hurt her. I also think that the reason that Elijah was having parrelling visions of Hayley and Tatia being his victims is actually explaining to me finally where the attraction for Hayley. They both brunettes and Tatia was a very special and lost love he had while still being human. Tatia was a young widow with a child as we know from the dinner scenes with the salvatore brothers and Elijah and Klaus, just like Hayley also with some kind of free spirited attitude. I think Hayley is Tatia 2.0 to Elijah which he isn’t able to realize because he is a charachter who can’t come to face with his demons, because that would mean coming to terms with all the darkness of the monster living inside of him which he desperately tries to hold tamed with his own aproach to nobility on himself. Later we see Elijah quite thankful and calmly touched than he realizes that she didn’t go away after being exposed to the dangerous situation of possibly getting hurt by his uncontrolable red door demons. Elijah lets loose and admits that he is having quite a hard time with his recent expieriences. Even when Elijah falls unconcious and Cami being in danger of being killed by crazy Finn as they were hiding from Finn in the safe house and Elijah was supposed to serve as her bodyguard she stays worrying about him instead to run away with Hope. This is so special for me because Elijah is always the strong patriarch of the family constantly putting his feelings aside for the love and duty he feels towards his family and espiacially Klaus, cause he feels responsible for Klaus being a monster as he failed him concerning Mikael when they were human. This goes that far that even if he loves his family he would constantly try to reach Rebekah to help him with Klaus even though she clearly expressed the wish to live her life away from all the bad family drama that comes through loving Niklaus ( Klebekah is my fave brotp btw), he leaves Kol daggered for centuries because his destructive behaviour is leading Klaus away from the path of piece and redemption. We see this Kol/Elijah flashback as he watches Klaus and Hayley conversation as Hayley is steping up. This is where we hear Elijah think that he is seing Klaus “for the first time in centuries acting soely for benefit of another and Klaus thinks that he who usually drowns himself in self loath that he might be a good influence on Hayley and Hayley is all happy and proud.

Besides the honest reponses from Klaus when Hayley asks him about something and his relief that she isn’t judging him, it are the quotes “ Nothing true” to Klaus question what Mikeal said to Hayley which is the first time that someone denied any truth to lie in the things that Mikael called him to be and that he had become over the course of a thousand years of pain and fear, but also the “ I trust you more when u know” scene, cause Klaus has always said that he doesn’t trust anyone, not even his sister thats why she is daggered. to Stefan in TVD 4x04 and to Lucien in 3x01. He just doesn’t trust Jackson he beats him and wants to kill him but holds on for a second as Jackson begs him to help Hayley lead the pack after he kills him. Hayley comes beating the hell out of Klaus protecting Jackson, but mostly because she felt awfully fooled by Klaus saying he trust her more when she knows when she begged him to trust her. After this Klaus is all ecxited by Hayley’s temper and is set on to kill Jackson in the near future after he sees the oportunity to lead with Hayley.

Klaus calls Cami beautyful in the wedding episode while he can’t even bring himself to smile back at Hayley when she is standing with Jackson at the altar even though he spend quite some energy to convince Hayley to go through with couse she wanted to go to hope and run away after hearing about fins attack at the safe house.

Klaus mentioning Cami in the Kelijah fight isn’t because of some jealousy IMO. It was simply out of anger that Elijah was putting up a fight with him accusing him to destroy Hayleys happiness with his plan to kill Jackson and saying that he does this because he is fearing that Jackson would be a better father to Hope when him.

Later down the season Klaus is all freaked out because of not trusting Freya but her siblings do and feeling Hayley slipping away from him more and more since the wedding while parental figures are chasing after him or/ and his child from all sides. I think Klaus made up the plan he had all since Freya threatened him with turning his family against him. He didn’t neccesserly trust his siblings to take his side thats why he also painted those pictures with Mikeals ashes to lead them on the wrong trace to defeat Dhalia as he knw that their plan wouldn’t work as Cami says in the finale. He used Mikeal in 1x18 as a tool to provoke emotions in Dhalia as he already suspected that Dhalia actually loved her sister the most, since he was compared to be alike as his aunt and he wouldn’t do to someone he loves the most the things Dhalia did to Freya with killing her child and its father. Klaus sees Dhalias joy of hurting Mikael and her indifference to Freyas pain then he jumps with the knife right in front of her to defeat her she takes the knife and destroys it right infront of everyone while not having even the slightest impression on her face to be threatend by anything or anyone. Klaus recognized that the knife isn’t the solution of defeating Dhalia but he lets the others believe so as he also sees Dhalia to stop at nothing to achieve her goal and he is expecting her to strike back with something that would make his family turn on him as Dhalia likes to play through relationships for her goals. He kills Mikael playing the crazed up towards everyone in the next episode and then Dhalia kills Aiden. Klaus is shocked and scared for Hope and Hayley but he still keeps on with his act. He when later tells Cami that he didn’t kill Aiden desperate over the situation with Hayley saying that him and Cami would be perfect after he was putting up a whole cruel behaviour towards Cami at the cafe. Why is he telling her that in such a dangerous situation why not after everything is over? He said it himself if he would be a better man he would protect her with the lie of being Aidens murderer. But the one he is actually protecting is Hayley! I mean isn’t it intresting how well it serves Klaus later that Cami knows that he didn’t kill Aiden? She initially tries to reason with Elijah to undagger Klaus but Elijah confronts her with her being blinded by Klaus due to her feelings for him While I genuenly think that his family turning his back on him through daggering him and letting Hayley leave with Hope, it still served his plan of building a fake aliance with Dhalia to figure out how exactly to kill her while he would have had Cami to tell everyone that he didn’t kill Aiden, so that they would in the end trust and fait for Klaus to give them further instructions. I mean Marcel said that Klaus has sureley a plan up his sleave he told Elijah that he has a plan and that Elijah calling Cami to talk with Klaus about Mikael was predictable. He knew exactly what everyone would do and how it could serve his plan.

He said it what he tells Cami she believes. She calls him again narcisstic and paranoid and is all “I can’t do anything about it” when Rebekah calls her until Rebekah says that Klaus fancies her she goes there tells believing he won’t hurt her and yet he does. Later he reffers to him being a monster again to Vincent for and when Rebekah leaves Klaus he comes to Cami and gives her “I would have found you “ speach to Cami, but wheb he runs away again b4 kissing her, because as Narducci says Klaus knows Cami can’t be the person Cami needs. So I think that means he cares about her and it feels nice for him that Cami always believes in the good in him because he feels as if he can’t fail. This goes so far in moments that he actually wants to start something with her and believes that she is the one because it just feels so good that she is a person who would always easily forgive him, but every time he is on the point he is reminded who and what he is and he can’t involve Cami in such a life and he feels like an awful monster. But I actually think that all this came from this hard surpressing of feelings for Hayley because of Halijah and later Jayley, that he is at a point where he convinced himself that Cami is the one for him.

It is also after everyone is angry at him and confronting him about Hayley where Klaus goes to Cami wanting to talk and painting her a painting and Plec reffered to Cami being Klauses rock. Well its not hard to become his rock when literally noone else he cares about is at peace with him. but I would even question that since Klaus is going on a kill after Cami calls him a dissapointment so I don’t see both of them benefiting from a relationship or having a good influence on each other. Narducci explained the connection between Cami and Klaus in that way that she doesn’t see him as a monster but a broken man. !) This isn’t logicall since Cami herself refferred to Klaus as a monster, while all in shock over his deeds to her in 2.22 and Leah also said at Comic Con that Cami knows that he is a monster but that she can’t deny the connection. Coming to that conection Narducci also explained that Cami sees herself as the mirror of her twin brother who massacred people while being hexed. She is seeing his darkness to also be in her and sees that darkness in Klaus so she connects with him. There is nothing that could objectivly justify that Cami has the same darkness as her hexed brother, because he was hexed and not in any control of his actions, also she is trying so much to help people and always tries to do the best as possible that their is no reason for her to believe that she has such darkness in her like her twin or Klaus not to speak. “He is a monster… but he wants more from life then to just be feared, hes too broken to find it himself” is what Rebekah said to Hayley in 1.16 as they said goodbye. So the writers are basically recycling Klebekah phrases to promote Klami and I won’t fall for stuff like that esp. as I don’t see these connection that is explained reflect in the show in any way.

Klayley on the other hand even when they fight like in 3x02 they are trying to connect with each other and Klaus felt so guilty and couldn’t get a word out nor fight hayley once they stood on the balcony. I think Klaus couldn’t fight her anymore after seeing how she tries to reach to Hope, but he jumped up to her cause he didn’t wanted Hayley to walk away from him like that.

When Klaus is watching Hayley and Jackson through the window at hopes bed, they show Jackson and Hayley kissing and Klaus turns around after that and breaks his glass with his hand. I believe this is a sign of Klaus being in love with Klayley and being jealous of Jackson other then his position in hopes life to threatend by him, because they could have showed Klaus watching them with hope between them in their arms without Jackson and Hayley to kiss, but they showed Klaus watching them kiss. Hayley also taked about a moment at the fire place at the safe house where she thought Klaus and could be a normal family and for the first time in her life she was truly happy. Now I also believe that she means the moment which we saw as a flashback and not the moment they took a family picture, cause the moment ended sad with them having to burn it. In the 2x22 deleted flashback we see Klaus and Hayley with Hope while Klaus reasures Hayley that he’s got her back through all the bad stuff they will have to do to protect Hope. Remember that Klaus said to Hayley that the real moments are vibrant and that the rest just fades away (2x01).

Even though Hayley felt guilty for what she will have to do she felt happy for the first time in her life and now she says she hates Klaus for taking that away from her, because he was the one who gave it to her to begin with. Hayley had Elijah always being there for her, she had people in her pack who welcomed her with open arms and we have seen her being happy among them and finding a family and a place to call her own home. She has Elijah and Jackson loving her and doing everything to see her happy and she has feelings for them and supposedly loves them. Yet all that acceptance, loyalty, family and love Hayley was surounded with from many sides weren’t enough for her to be truly happy. For her to be truly happy she had to be able to trust in the bond she had with Klaus and the two of them to be a family.

In 3x03 it was pointed out that Klaus was the one teaching Hayley how to be a hybrid and Hayley and Jackson have sex against a cage. this scene reminds me of the Halijah sex scene from the way it was shooted and because the sex came in a situation where Hayley is in a position where its frightening her. She was frightened to go into a marriage with a man she hardly knows and had sex with Elijah and she had sex with Jackson now when she is frightened to not be able to control her hybrid nature. Klaus also adressed that he is sorry for what he did to Elijah and after a significant pause he mentioned Hayley, underlining that his deeds to Hayley have a special weight on Klaus. In regards to Camilijah both Cami and Elijah didn’t want Klaus to kill Lucien. Elijah also said once that he likes Camis spirit while watching her leave the Mikealson home ( 2x01).

So having said all that I would like for the TO audiance to take a closer look on Klayley and Camilijah, while watching the show.


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