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One of the best selling points for Fox's TV series Gotham was to see the origins of many of the colorful villains that were created in the pages of DC Comics. After an uneven first season, Bruno Heller's show has returned with a new theme called "Rise of the Villains." So far the story lines have been dedicated to building the legend of various villains, such as Catwoman, Firefly, proto-Joker, and the Riddler, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Last week it was uncovered that the role of Dr. Victor Fries has been cast. Nathan Darrow, who will later go on to be known by the moniker of Mr. Freeze, will bring the tragic story of the scientist turn villain to the show. However, that is not the only well-known villain on the way. They have been hinting, both behind-the-scenes and within the narrative of Gotham, the appearance of classic Batman villain, Dr. Hugo Strange.

Veteran TV and film actor B.D. Wong (Focus), who was last seen creating killer dinosaurs in Jurassic World, will reportedly bring Strange to life for the first time in live-action, according to Comic Book. Hugo Strange is one of Batman's first villains in the comics, who has a history of human experimentation, genetic manipulation, and using various methods of brainwashing on his unwilling subjects. It seems that he will fill a similar purpose on Gotham, where they recently introduced the mysterious Indian Hill medical facility. The institute will be the genesis of many of the super-powered criminals that will be appearing on the show in the near future. Which will set up Wong's Dr. Strange to be a huge villain for the second season. There is no telling if Strange will suddenly improve the quality of the show, however adding an actor of the caliber of Wong certainly won't hurt.

Gotham season 2 airs on Monday nights on Fox.

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