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What makes Our Brand Is Crisis different than any other movie? What does this movie have that others don't? What about this movie is worth paying the money to go see it in the theater?

These are probably some of the questions you were asking yourself as you clicked on this article. Now, I have to prove it to you. What makes this movie special? Well, there are several factors that make this film stand out from the rest, and some things that I think make it different.

Why Should I Go See Our Brand Is Crisis?

Sit back, and relax, because I am about to show you why I think Our Brand Is Crisis is worth taking the time to go see.

The Supporting Cast

The supporting cast may be "supporting", but play a major role in whether you leave the movie theater with disappointment or satisfaction. Our Brand Is Crisis has an amazing supporting cast, with Billy Bob Thorton and Anthony Mackie. They do a great job, and help make the movie definitely worth it's time.

The Comedy

Even though the comedy in Our Brand Is Crisis may show itself less than other comedies; when they do do it, they do it well. There are some pretty obvious ones, but also some more subtle jokes. All these things help make the movie great.

The Political Aspect

I know what you may be thinking, ugh politics. But the politics in Our Brand Is Crisis are quite relateable. They deal with the presidential elections of Bolivia, which may not seem to mirror American politics, but think about it; A major political race is on our doorstep, with the next presidential election just around the corner. The movie also does a good job at portraying the realism of politics.

Sandra Bullock

The one you all have been waiting for; Sandra Bullock is a quality actress, with a quality resume. She shows why she is an A-list actor again with Our Brand Is Crisis. She does a great job at portraying the lead character, and proves once again why we all love Sandra Bullock.

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