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Superhero movies are the big boys of the movie theaters these days. Each year they rank up in the list of the highest grossing movies. But not only do superhero movies make big bucks, they also have extremely extensive universes, with DC and Marvel being the top two.

The one question that usually goes along with all of the success of superhero movies is are they becoming too repetitive? This question has been debated, argued, and thought about for quite a long time. Every person has their opinion on the matter, and Terry Gilliam got a chance to share if he thinks the superhero genre is becoming to repetitive:

"I also worry when things become to repetitive, and now we've got to get all the Marvel universe dancing with each other, so Superman has now got to make love with Batman or something. And these are the things that create that complete and hermetically sealed world, and that really bothers me, because the Bible is more interesting, and the stories are more surprising , and actually more human."

But Is He Right, Are Superhero Movies Becoming Too Repetitive?

Like I said before, this question has been debated for quite a while. But it's a very important question for the future of superheroes and cinema. If, in the future, the superhero movie empire does become excessively repetitive, there goes a HUGE amount of money. But not only does it matter money wise, it matters to the superhero fans; the people who have waited every year to go watch their favorite heroes battle it out on the big screen. They are the ones who are buying the tickets, the ones who are making the money for the industry.

How Can Marvel And DC Make Their Movies Not Repetitive?

I think the only way for Marvel and DC to change their inevitable fate is to start to change things up now. Don't make the same movie over and over again, only changing the characters.

I think they are already trying to take the first step with Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, having a superhero fight another superhero. This method will work for a while, but it won't last forever.

Another method that they could try would be to employ unexpected twists in the movie. Such as having a hero turn out to be villain, or vice versa. They could try to connect with other movie styles, to make things a little different.

Will Marvel And DC Do What They Need To Do?

Maybe, or maybe not. They have a lot more riding on these movie franchises than just money. They have their reputations at stake, which, if you ask the right person, is probably more important.

I think that the superhero movie franchises will do their best to save their reputations, and their multi-billion dollar movie franchises. Marvel, DC, please don't screw this up.

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