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Guys, hear me out on this one. Movies in 2015 are so popular and movie studios are desperate for ideas. It is not only easier, but safer for a movie studio to make a film based on prior stories such as TV shows, video games, books, etc. They are making an Angry Birds movie, an emojis movie and even a movie about PEZ! Meanwhile, Clash of Clans has been one of the most popular apps for years now, and there is actually a basis for a really good movie. So, where is our Clash of Clans movie? Also, most of the people reading this probably play the game. If so, join my own clan: RealiO DealiO ().

Live Action or Animated?

One of the big questions is whether this movie should be live action or animated. I think animated is the way to go, because the animation of the shorts Supercell make are already funny. Live action would be very expensive and the tone would not be the same. This movie would probably be PG and appeal to everyone who plays Clash. This would would also produce a ton of merchandise and will probably be one of many movies because, in reality, this movie would make a lot of money.

What Would this Movie Even Be About?

The plot of Clash of Clans is that you have a village and you attack other villages while defending your own base. You have to upgrade your defenses and troops to get better at the game. You can also join a clan and fight wars with them.

In the movie, there should be all the troops as characters, similar to the video clips Supercell makes. The main characters should probably be the barbarian, archer, hog rider, wizard, and giant. There would be all the other troops, including dark troops, except the goblin.

The Plot

The movie should start off at a base. It would be a creative joke that people who played the game would get like "You". We would meet our characters and there would be a lot of comedy because overall, this is a comedy. We would meet a barbarian, who would be the main character. He would be one of many barbarians roaming around the base. He would have a level one look to him, feeling inferior to the other barbarians and in no way unique.

All the barbarians would look the same and act the same. This barbarian, named Barb, would want to go on an adventure. He was friends with Daisy the Archer, who would bring Barb down to earth and tell him this was his role in society. She would be a level 2 archer and man a level 5 archer tower. They would also be friends with Tyrone the Hog Rider, who will play the comic relief role and will have his hog, Oink. These three troops would be going around and you would meet other troops such as balloons, witches, dragons, valkyries, and so on. They would be friends with the giant, Big G, who would be a level 7 giant who is often praised for his amount of experience.

Bart would be jealous of him and at times envied Big G. Bart would have anger issues at times always roaring at all the other troops. The last main character would be Luis the Wizard, who mans a level 5 wizard tower and would be a level 5 wizard who was very experienced. When there was not a battle going on, he would be mixing and creating spells in the spell factory. Luis knew everything there was about spells. He would be conflicted over his struggle to master the art of dark spells. This is why, during his free time, he would isolate himself and stir spells.

There common theme among Daisy, Tyrone, Big G, and Luis is that they have a bigger purpose than an average level 1 foot soldier. One night, the goblin king came into the village, leading his goblin army. They attacked the village and stole all of their gold, elixir, and dark elixir. The collectors were destroyed and it would be a long time for them to continue upgrades. This got Bart angry because it would be an even longer time to level up. He would gather his friends and some troops and they would go on a long mission where they would encounter many things until reaching the goblin base, high up in the mountains.

The mission would take up most of the movie, but there are a few key scenes regarding this mission. One would be where their army would go down in size when they pass by another low level base that they raid for resources but were destroyed by the level 5 dragon in the clan castle. A lot of troops were destroyed and they wanted to give up. Daisy convinced Bart to take control as Chief of the mission as he had proved himself brave and worthy. Another scene would be where they pass an abandoned base with full collectors and the town hall was on the outside. They didn't realize all the tombstones and skeletons came out of the ground and the troops had to fight them. Bart led the attack and at the end, he leveled up to level 2.

When they reached the beginning of the mountain, they encountered a goblin (who we met earlier) that was removed from the army because he was a level 5, and not a level 6 goblin. The goblin helped the troops defeat the goblins and they were defeated. Without going into detail, the troops went back as max level troops and Bart was named chief of the village as they rose to the top.


Would a Clash of Clans movie be a good idea?

What do YOU guys think about a Clash of Clans movie? Tell me your ideas below, and don't forget to join my clan, RealiO DealiO!


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