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The mystery of Zoom's identity is the biggest mystery on The Flash right now. He could be a number of characters and I have a number of theories, although one stands out and I can't find it anywhere else.

Before I explain my theory, I'll just give you a roundup of other possible characters Zoom could be: Eddie Thawne, Matt Letscher's character, Earth 2 Barry (the one in prison from Barry's vision at the end of Season 1) , Earth 2 Harrison Wells, Earth 2 Henry Allen, Earth 2 Wally West and comicbook character Savitar (although I quickly dismissed that last one because the writers wouldn't need to keep his identity secret).

One of my major theories is that of Black Flash, given his look, description by Jay Garrick ("an unstoppable demon with the face of death") and connection to Wally West and Linda Park, but this has also been suggested before, so my theory is something entirely different.

Before I go any further though, I'll get this out of the way

Spoiler for 'The Flash' Season 2




We all good? Ok. Let's begin.

So basically my theory is that Zoom is someone completely different from what has been suggested.

Zoom Is Johnny Quick

Who Is Johnny Quick?

Johnny Quick is the Earth 3 version of the Flash, who teams up with supervillain equivalents of Superman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Batman and Alfred, among others, in the Crime Syndicate in a world where supervillains are the heroes. His main threat comes from breaking through the barriers in the multiverse and challenging the Justice League of Earth 1.

Here's Why:

1. Jay Garrick has described Zoom as "unstoppable" and in the comics, Johnny Quick (albeit with the help of the Crime Syndicate) manages to take over a whole world.

2. Gabrielle Stanton, the executive producer of The Flash has described Zoom as being a "mega villain in the Flash canon". Johnny Quick is a pretty big villains and walks the line between pretty big and mega.

3. Jesse Quick has been confirmed for this season. Jesse is Johnny's daughter. Although THAT Johnny is a superhero from Earth 1, this could very well be changed for the show, or could even be a way of introducing Zoom as an alternate version of the Johnny Quick of Earth 1 (possibly taking the Jay Garrick position of the original Flash)

4. If we assume the singularity was a link to Earth 3 that explains Martin Stein's change briefly into a character known in Deathstorm. Assuming Ronnie is lost in Earth 3, he might've found a new link. Stein might be feeling the effects of that.

5. Johnny Quick's girlfriend was the Earth 3 equivalent of the Atom, Atomica. Given the idea of Atom returning soon in Arrow, this could lead to some great stories involving both the Atoms. Also, given Atom Smasher was the first villain sent after the Flash by Zoom, this could be Johnny Quick's attempt to find the Earth 2 version of his girlfriend and employ him in his plans. Johnny Quick might also come into conflict with the Legends of Tomorrow, given the Deathstorm connection (Firestorm), the connection to the two police officers in Earth 3 that captured him (Captain Cold and Heatwave) and obviously his girlfriend (Atom). In terms of multiverses, he'd also be dealing with Connor Hawke (who would probably be from Earth 2 or Earth 3, given the fact that he isn't Oliver's son) and Hawkgirl (a main character from Earth 2).

6. Given how much The Flash manages to deal with the particular comicbook element it's dealing with, whether it's characters like King Shark or Gorilla Grodd or ideas like time travel, it has delivered the full experience always. To get the full experience of the multiverse (which is the driving idea of this season) it isn't too much of a leap to assume more than 2 Earths. I know the producers have said they're sticking to 2 for now, but the producers of both Flash and Arrow have proved countless times that they exceed their own expectations with their shows. Given the Crime Syndicate are the driving force behind Earth 3, if Earth 3 was introduced they would be DEFINITELY be introduced.

7. If Zoom really began in Earth 2, what took him so long to get to Jay? Also, how did he know what the singularity would do if he hadn't already gone through one? Plus, consider the idea that maybe the Harrison Wells we saw in the tour guide scene is different to the one that appeared through the portal. This opens a whole new set of possibilities.

But let's take it further, what if Johnny Quick is already a Black Lantern because Blackest Night has already happened on Earth 3? This would definitely make sense in terms of all the evidence pointing towards him being Black Flash. It also makes Deathstorm more visually accurate (as well as leading to a really interesting return from Ronnie)

So what are your thoughts? Who is Zoom? Is he Johnny Quick? Is he Black Johnny Quick? Is he someone else entirely? Let's talk about it in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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