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Well first, like you, I think that it was that Nick guy getting eaten. I think he landed on top of Glenn and Glenn was looking like that merely because he was watching a guy getting eaten AGAIN only this time it's literally ON TOP of him. I think that Nick decided to do one decent thing in his life and kill himself so Glenn could sacrifice his body to the walkers and hide until they wandered away. This would have worked if Glenn had not been so shocked and had gotten out of the way. Then, while the walkers were chomping down some fresh Nickburger, he could have lifted the lid and hid inside until the noise from the shooting drew them away, but Nick wasn't counting on the fact that he would knock Glenn over when he fell. So, I bet Glenn will use the dead intestines again and crawl under the dumpster to hide until he can get away, once again like you. I mean, Glenn is too important of a character to just kill off on a run like that! That might happen if this was real life, but it's a TV show! The main characters don't just get killed off like simple extras! Plus, why would the writers want to get rid of the smartest, fastest character? There is still plenty of use for him! His character isn't played out yet! It would be better for Carol (who I hope dies next) or Morgan to die. No, this just isn't the way for a useful main character to die. Speaking of Morgan, on a side note, he needs to go away if he can't do what needs to be done. I think I like his character even less than Carol. How are you going to lose your son because you were too weak to do what needed to be done, and then the lesson you take away is, it's better to let people who want to kill us live because I've decided to be a Buddhist? At least Carol finally shed the morals of the past and adapted to what needed to be done to survive in the PRESENT. I mean, really, he's going to let those meth-heads live when they just jumped in the camp and started killing LITERALLY for fun? If Rick dies (which I doubt), it will be Morgan I-still-can't-pull-that-trigger Jones' fault. If he had killed them, they wouldn't have been there to attack Rick and Rick would never have been stranded. Anyway, back to the subject, another reason I don't think Glenn is dead is because, seriously, what does this show have against Maggie? Sure, Rick has lost his wife and other family members that weren't on the show, as has everyone, and Daryl lost his brother, and Sasha has lost her brother and Bob and everyone has lost someone. But, my God, just last season, Maggie lost Beth and her father the season before that, and her Mom before the world went to Hell, and her family friend Otis, and her cousins and her Aunts and life-long neighbors all practically RIGHT in FRONT of her! They can't keep taking from this one character! You saw how she acted when she thought Glenn WAS dead. This will kill her, she'll have nothing left! I mean, unless she's pregnant, but damn, would she really want to put a baby in this world?


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