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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

Halloween release of 2014, Ouija proved to be a surprise hit this year. While not the greatest film made this year, this supernatural horror film take an interesting look at how dangerous this game can be in this story. The film begins with two little girls, Debbie and Laine, playing the Ouija game trying to receive an answer to their various questions from the other side. The story flashforwards to the girls in their late teens, where Laine (Olivia Cooke) tries to convince Debbie to come out with her to a party. Debbie says no, and returns to her home where she appears to have committed suicide by hanging. Laine, deeply saddened by the death of Debbie, starts to experience series of supernatural events, and after discovering a Ouija board that was in Debbie's possession, she decides to see if she can talk to her friend in the afterlife. Instead of contacting Debbie however, Laine and her friends begin talking to a violent spirit, who starts to kill them one by one. Like many of the films that have been based on the idea of childhood board games, the story goes beyond the game, and creates an interesting story on it's own. Spoiler Alert: The film did feel a bit rushed towards that end, and creates the false ending trick that you know is false, instead of just going with the ending you were led to believe. Overall, not a bad film, but I wouldn't go on the weekend to see it, wait for a rainy mid-day matinee, or cheapy night at the movies.


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