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There is absolutely no question that Guillermo Del Toro is one of the best visionaries in the film industry. With movies on his resume like the Oscar winning Pan’s Labyrinth to the blockbuster hit Pacific Rim this is one horror master that will not default to cheap scare tactics like “found footage” to give us the scares. Del Toro constantly goes all in on his projects creating exactly the movie he envisioned, giving the audience a refreshing two hours in the theater. With a gothic mansion built just for this movie, Del Toro simply has outdone himself with the stunning cinematography, costumes, and expert special effects.

Not only does this movie have amazing visuals, the acting is so well done that you question if the characters are actually real. The three leads Hiddleston, Wasikowska, and Chastain deliver performances that audiences will never forget. With Hiddleston's background in Shakespeare, he executed his gothic character like the seasoned pro he is. Then you have Wasikowska, the heroine of the film, who brought an elegance to the screen which created a perfect counterpart for Hiddleston. Since the two have worked together on a movie before, Only Lovers Left Alive, Hiddleston and Wasikowska's chemistry on screen was evident. Chastain also gave this film a little flare with her beautifully disturbed character. With a character like this, Chastain had the biggest shoes to fill in this film. If this character was done wrong it would have sacrificed the integrity of the whole movie.

Although I believe this is one of the best films of 2015, it has been receiving a high amount of negative reviews. But, I found that every single point made in such reviews were made off of a lack of knowledge. Many of these reviews usually start off with a opening line like “this was a terrible horror film.” Sentences like this made me cringe. If the reviewer would have done any research (which is a pretty basic writing technique) they would have found that this film was not in any way meant to be a horror movie. Del Toro and the cast constantly stated in almost every interview for the film that it is in the category of a gothic romance. The negative reviews then went on to say how “predictable” and “uneventful” the film was. Once again with research on the genre you know that gothic romances are not created to shock with crazy twist and turns, its goal is to tell a mysterious love story through sophistication and fantasy, and that’s exactly what Crimson Peak did.

Crimson Peak is not a film made to rack in the money from general movie goers. It is a movie that’s made to thoroughly entertain an intelligent audience, through beautiful visual effects, an amazing storyline and superb acting, which of course the film delivered. Fans of Del Toro or Hiddleston wouldn’t expect anything less from the pair. Crimson Peak is yet another example of a timeless fantasy that the Del Toro has exhibited all throughout his career. This movie will do more than just mystify you, it will make you believe in cinema again.


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