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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

I had many mixed feelings when I walked out of the theatres after watching this film, because on one hand, it was really funny, but on the other it was, to be quite frank, dumb. You hear the term "dumb humor", and that what this tried to be, and its not that it failed, it just went about getting there in a rather interesting way. The film is about a man named Charlie Mordecai (Johnny Depp), who is an art dealer and currently wrapped up in the dealings of forged art, Nazi gold, and a British Intelligence agent trying to make moves on his wife, Johanna. The film would try to have slapstick comedy in several parts, and they were extremely funny, but it didn't feel natural like it would be in other slapstick comedies. I always found that with slapstick, you need to have a flow, and this film was missing it completely. Other parts of the film would also try to have a serious dynamic, which isn't unusual in slapstick comedies, but in this film it was awkward, bordering on silly because of the lack of flow to the film. I won't say the film was bad, because I truly don't think it was, I do think that if you want to give this movie a hook though, either wait til cheapy night at the movies, or waiting for Netflix.


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