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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

So sorry this review is late, but due to weather conditions I haven't been able to make it to the theater. This film is the second live action Disney Princess film, and I must say that I'm starting to get excited for more films to come. There were no twists and turns to the story, sure there were some extra characters, added story plots, and dialogue, however, it was more or less the same story as the animated film that came out 65 years ago. What makes it interesting to see is that it's given more of a life in live-action, like Maleficent (2014), because, for the most part, what you are seeing is real. I get that most of it is still CGI, but the scenes between the characters are very real, with little in the way of illusion. The characters themselves also have better defined personalities, which is extremely refreshing to see since most of the earlier animated princesses were portrayed as damsels. You see that each character has their flaws and perfections, like real people, and the best example is Cinderella herself. Lily James is absolutely stunning as Cinderella, her portrayal of her is pure perfection, both in her innocences and giving nature. We are introduced to Ella, a young kind hearted woman, who is a bit naive in terms of the capability of cruelty in others. The one scene that I did enjoy that most is when she first enters that ball, she enters and is excited to be at the ball, she isn't there for the prince, but for herself. The moment you see Cinderella walk into the ballroom, the delight of pure joy on her face is one of complete happiness, and you actually catch yourself believing it is truly real. Cate Blanchett was amazing in her portrayal of the Wicked Stepmother, in which she added some spice to the character that was not present in the animated character. In the animated version, the Stepmother was emotionless, old, and frail, none of which describes the way Blanchett played the role. The Stepmother that Blanchett plays is larger than life, who really does seem to believe she is entitled to all of the finer things in life, and yet is jealous of those, namely Ella, who seem to gain more with hard work. This was truly a treasure to see, especially in terms of costume and special effects, because the only word that come to mind when seeing is magic. Lovely film, truly recommended for those of all ages, and anyone who loved the original animated film.


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