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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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The Flash season 2 has been getting a lot of buzz lately, with Jay Garrick staying in Earth-1, the heartbreaking yet shocking news that Henry Allen (Barry's father played by John Wesley Shipp) leaving Barry alone to let him focus on his life, King Shark's debut on The Fury of Firestorm episode and of course the recently revealed, Iris West's brother whom she nor Joseph "Joe" West never met. Everyone thinks Iris' brother is Wally West, but I have another thought about that theory.

However, everyone agrees because Wally West is making his way on season 2 of The Flash, and possibly helping Barry Allen and Jay Garrick to stop Zoom once and for all. Here's what bothers me...

Will Iris' brother be revealed as Wally "Kid Flash" West or Daniel "Reverse-Flash" West?

That's Barry Allen against Daniel West
That's Barry Allen against Daniel West

Y'see in the comics, Daniel West is revealed to be Iris' brother in Flash #23 (of the new 52), and a freak accident turned him into (what I personally think) the most greatest Reverse-Flash in the history of Reverse-Flashes. I'm pretty sure some of you must have forgotten about Daniel West being the brother of Iris West. But I'm only writing this not because I hate Wally West, but I just need answers on who Iris West's brother really is. Let's take a quick look at both their backstories shall we? Starting with...

Daniel "Reverse-Flash" West

How Daniel West became The Reverse-Flash is actually pretty cool, both a Rogues attack and the speed force gave him his powers, an incident happened with the speed force which led it to granting superspeed abilities to several individuals, Daniel West included. Before he became The Reverse-Flash, he wanted to help Barry Allen. In that timeline, Daniel West broke his father's spine making him a paraplegic and of course alienating Iris. He wanted to travel back in time to kill his father before that incident, therefore would effect in altering the timeline and gain Iris' affection. He doesn't wear a suit like the previous Reverse-Flashes, instead he wears armor which he can control, it was made from shrapnel from the monorail that was supercharged by the speed force during the incident that granted him his abilities. So basically when the monorail collapsed and the speed force granted him his abilities it also caused the shrapnel from the monorail to create an armor, a speed armor of some sort. That's how Daniel West became The Reverse-Flash. Moving on to...

Wallace "Kid Flash West (New 52 version)

In the New 52 storyline, Wally West appears dead 5 years in the future. 5 years from now Barry Allen rushes to the scene when Darryl Frye told him a kid died, that kid was Wally West. Then in the current timeline Barry wakes up late for an appointment and his girlfriend Patty Spivot gives him a watch, as he was talking we are taken 20 years in the future, where we see a very much older version of Barry Allen in a dark blue, Flash costume. He looks at a newspaper article from 15 years ago, about Wally West's death. Since Wally West's death he has to deal with the guilt and trouble he faces everyday. As he mourns at the article about Wally West's death he says...

I missed so much. But i understand now where it all went wrong. I'm on my way. I promise Wally, I won't ever be late again.

Since the death of Wally West everything went horribly wrong. Future Barry Allen traveled back in time and stopped the accident. Wally never liked Barry because he put his uncle Daniel "Reverse-Flash" West in jail and being absent during the Forever Evil event. Eventually he bonded pretty well with his uncle Barry. Future Barry travels back 15 years into the past and as Wally West and Iris West are both in the car future Flash knows they're gonna crash but luckily he arrived in time and saved both Wally and Iris West. Wally West learned future Flash's identity when he reveals himself to be Barry Allen, future Flash then rushes to kill present Flash. After he finds out future Flash wants to kill present Flash he absorbs the speed force during an explosion caused by the fight between future and present Flash, as he absorbs the speed force he turns into the New 52 version of Wally West. Basically if you don't understand the timeline that's taking place then imagine 2015 is the present year, 5 years from now, 2020 is the year Wally West dies and 20 years from now, 2035 Barry will finally realize where it all began, so he goes back in time to 15 years before 2035 which is 2020 and saves Wally West and Iris West and wants to kill The Flash, so in 2015 there will be no Kid Flash just yet, but the mutual bond between Wally and Barry just started. Get it now? Good.

Between these 2 characters I have to see as not much of a comic reader, I love Wally West's backstory! So again do you still think Iris' brother on The Flash is Wally West?

Why he might be Daniel West

Basically season 1 of The Flash used Reverse-Flash (Eoboard Thawne) as the big bad, while most fans were hoping to see Gorilla Grodd or The Rogues as season 2's big bad, we got another Reverse-Flash, this time it's Zoom. If they've already used 2 Reverse-Flashes as the big bad of the 2 seasons, I bet they're gonna use another Reverse Flash for season 3, that's where Daniel West comes in and becomes the big bad. It would make for a good storyline and twist, everyone was hoping it would be Wally West, we end up getting Daniel West and because it's Iris West's brother, it would also be a big twist to see the West family betrayed by one of their own, besides if they're being truthful to the comics which states that Iris West's brother is Daniel West, they can't change that. That is if they are being truthful to the comics.

Why he might be Wally West

Basically the only thing they staying truthful about is that Wally West is African-American, based on the New 52 version of him. And beside the writers and producers have already confirmed the cast for Wally West.

Keiynan Lonsdale is confirmed and set to play Wally West on season 2 of The Flash. With that in mind fans would all know what to expect when Iris said her mother kept the secret of her brother from her. And besides it Iris has no nephews yet so Wally West as her brother would make so much sense. And if they went with nephew version of Wally West it would be weird, a young kid being around The Flash team and not understanding anything.

If they're staying truthful to the comics than Daniel West would be Iris West's brother, but if they want to make something good Wally West is Iris' brother.


Who do you think Iris' brother is?


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