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Hello, I'm making this post, as a viewer, and as individual who can relate to many of the topics covered in Sons of Anarchy. But I will keep it short.

First off, if your going to post something on the enternet, make sure people can actually read what you are saying. I'm sorry if you are trying to make an argument against something, 1) have a valid point and 2) know how to spell and speak. I know you wrote this review of SOA on a computer or a phone. You have spell check. (Not directed at writer of article, but at negative reviews).

Second, do not bring religion as an argument, when alot of the characters in SOA, are religious in and out of character. I study religon. All religions have there own ideas, morals, and guide lines in which believers of said religious views are meant to follow.

Third, having chained a up women in a cage? Really that's your deal breaker? I am no where near saying that handcuff in and woman in a cage is ok. I actually highly respect women in my life that deserve it. And no to the ones who don't deserve respect, I simply turn my shoulder the other way.

But one of the main things this show exemplifies, is that any sane person will go to any length of measure to help there family. Whether it be by blood or loyalty. What alot of people fail to realize is that, this show, could only have so much of the harsh reality that the outlaw biker lives. To even be shown on TV. Remember reality can not be changed its the way life is, it can get better and sure can get worse by the choices we make day to day. But you want reality. . . I am an odinist (yes I believe in many gods from the Norse/Germanic heritage), graphic honest statement, but if you, commenter and said viewer of show and article, put yourself into the character of Jackson Teller (Charlie Hunam) and think God is going to help you after your mother was assaulted and raped multiple times by different men, you have another thing coming to you. (This is not a threat) But I'm simply asking u to realize the cold true reality of the lifestyle that outlaw bikers lead. There are no rules in the underworld of society. It is eye for an eye, kill or be killed. And if you can't handle that, you might need to go pray to your "God" to help you through the harsh realization in which you are living in. It's a thing called "Life". (None of these comments are directed at author of article, but towards the people who read your article and can't handle the truth)


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