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first thing all jackson hiq looks

1 reglar look hong kong

the vigilante first suit

the traveling look

the training look

the second vigilante look and also hero look

the reglar look after training

the in 5 years after events

the hero look after 5 yeas

after 5 years regar look

now all jordi his looks

hong kong look
hong kong look

the mentor loo

the corrupted look unmasked

corrupted look masked

the after events look

now all marcus his looks son off damien

the second vigilante look and partner

the parner look after 5 years

now jordi his son loos

hong kong look

the second mentor look after jordi wan crazy and after 5 years

now all sam his looks

the look when jackso is th vigilante before trainin
the look when jackso is th vigilante before trainin

the after 5 years first loo

the after 5 years battle look

now all aide looks

the first look before and after training

the after 5 years look

now info about settings gameplay and story and vetichles

lets begin with settings first you ar in hong kong until the year 2030 hen you go to a futuristic london until te year 2031 then you go to training until 1 year (later the year 2032 then you are gonin to a futuristic chicaco still good for 2 years until 2034 then you are in te old chicaco that was the chicaco from just a second ago fo 5 years the yo are in the new and chaned chicac in the year 2039 intil 2040 that are all the settings and yess i want the free roam all off the places in free roam

now the gameplay

in the hong kong part you have a knive and a gun and your phone and hand to hand combat then wen you are vigilante you have your phne guns that thing thataiden had the thing that you slam those poeple with and aso knives

in the training youbear the smoke bombs grapple gun and rope launcher two katana swords special nives and silient guns

after the evens you get a hand that you have to put o and acivate becomes a robotic weapon arm the that has swords alot of thing with electric yo als get cool guns hacking abilities and you can jump off a plane and not die

now in the gamelay i want better online multiplayer coop missions and custimaztion not in story only fo free ra multiplayer side missions and coop missions

now verichles th cars are gonna be changed like fuuristic yo can also dtive futuristic motocycls busss jets planes helicopters unde water verichles and yeah

now the story i am not gonna talk about so that wraps it up pretty much yeah see you in the next one


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