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Actress and comedian Rebekah Kochan is one of the forces behind Golden Artists Entertainment's Nuclear Zombies from Area 51.

Scream Queen Kochan leads a cast that includes Shandalia White, Chris Salvatore, Daniel Skelton, Tiara Lanai, Ash Hollywood and porn legend Ron Jeremy.

Dante and Kochan wrote the project. Dante, Kochan and Justin L.Jones (The Ouija Exorcism) produce.

To help cinematically contain the outbreak of undead, Golden Artists Entertainment have gone the crowd-funding route to contribute to the budget. You can donate to their Kickstarter here and watch video testimonials from the cast, including Ron Jeremy, here. For as little as $500 you can even end up in the film - as a zombie!

We spoke with Kochan to find out more about the project!

Let’s start with you, how did you get into acting?

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV so there were plenty of performance opportunities. My first role was Annie in "Annie" and from there I was hooked. I wanted to be an actor from that point on.

Did you always want to be an actor and/or comedian?

Yes. From the time I was young I always loved performing. I remember watching "Premium Blend" on Comedy Central as a little kid in the 90's and thinking that stand up looked like the greatest thing ever.

Who were you inspired by?

As an actor, I love Hilary Swank, Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore; they're all incredible. As a comic, of course Richard Pryor, Dante (my fiancé, he's a badass), Wendy Liebman, Felicia Michaels...there's so many great comics out there I look up to.

How did Nuclear Zombies from Area 51 come about?

Dante has had a rough year. He lost both his parents to cancer in the past 6 months. Going through this made us realize that there's no time like the present to do what you always say you're going to do. We started our company, Golden Artists Entertainment LLC, a few months ago and really wanted to make a zombie film for our first feature. That was the birth of "Nuclear Zombies From Area 51".

A picture from the set of the movie
A picture from the set of the movie

Were you a bit of a zombie aficionado?

Aficionado would be a strong word to use lol! I know A LOT about zombies but when it comes to this genre, no matter how much of a fan girl I may be, there's always someone more knowledgeable out there. I could hold my own though, lol!

How will this one differ from other zombie-centric films or series?

We'll, Dante and I are both stand up comics, so obviously when we wrote it we wanted it have genuinely funny moments, however this is NOT a comedy. This is a cleaver, suspenseful, funny, entertaining movie has all the elements that I personally have always wanted to see in a zombie film. We wrote this from a fan point of view, and I think that will come across when you watch it.

Is it easier or harder working with your real-life partner?

It's great. I can't imagine if we didn't work together. That's not to say we haven't had our share of disagreements, but we work through them and move forward. We're both so busy all the time and work such weird hours, if we weren't in the same place I may never see him again.

And how has it been working with the legendary Ron Jeremy?

Haha. I love Ron. Dante's known him for like, 20 years but Ron and I really bonded when I hosted the AVN AWARDS on Showtime last year. He's become a surrogate uncle to us. He comes over for holidays, we BBQ, he's a very sweet guy.

How can we support the movie?

Give us all your money! Or just check out our Kickstarter and give us some of your money.


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