ByLeahcim Arce Rodríguez, writer at

Well Olivia is a great actress but is not a strong personality like ronda rousey because this character doesn't have to be only beautiful and sexy, is has to be in the role with a stronger personality and I believe it can't be someone who is a good actress and sexy because Olivia is not in that role; if you want to get the classic audience that go look for her only because is hot, you are not gonna sell a big fish, and is not gonna get the same impact like is was ronda in that role, he really sexy, intelligent and had the strong personality for the character and all her life is been in that role so is gonna look natural in the role of this character and you gonna get a big fish because is an exotic women, Olivia is gonna see sexy but fake, is logic you wanna make a real character look Hugh Jackman like wolverine is complete on the role, obviously if you wanna make this character look like awesome you need someone like Ronda Rousey not just a sexy famous actress. You can make 2 movies 1 with Ronda and another 1 with Olivia and u gonna see Ronda is gonna win like she never loose a fight is gonna win this with her smile


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