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my thoughts now this s jut speculation poeple and rumrs so yeah

i think it is a man of steel sequel so another superman standalone with henry cavill

and a batman slo film sequel now i wont talk that much abut the superman sequel in this part bu i will in th the second part

what th batman sequel could b about my hopes are either more likely a batman beyond movie or a arham war/jokercrises/thcourtofowls

now the batman beyond movie is more likely onnz happe in my thoughs couse well there is not that much off batman eyond n the worldtill famous but comics are begining the rise a little bit the cinemartic batman beyond ting is fallig apart so we need this to happen

1 artwork

the suit
the suit

now batarang

old bruce wayne by micheal keatn or clint eastwood

terry reglar



and what universe should this be in in the new dc cinematic universe

now blight and reglar derek powers

the guard off derekpowers/blight aka mr fix

now terry his mom

brabaa gordon

now more batmanbeyond

now all this is just speculation now in just a moment i will do batman beyond game ideas part 4 so yeah so you all in the next one


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