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Since its debut, Gotham has steadily built a good reputation for introducing new villains. Some outright like Penguin and Selina Kyle, while others have taken more of a slow burn approach with a payoff possibly years in the future. Black Mask for example, where the show killed off Richard Sionis, it is likely his son or younger brother Roman will debut soon. The Red Hood idea has been floated already in an episode and we have even seen the boy who will one day become Hush.

There is a lot of scope for characters to come in and also for some to already have debuted without us knowing! This past week's episode gave us our first glimpse of how many of the "supervillains" that Gotham and Batman will face eventually could be born. The ominous Indian Hill facility that Bridget "Firefly" Pike was taken to.

Gotham has so far built a very realistic world, one where some of the more fantastical villains might not work in their original comic configurations, one of the most popular villains who fits this is Waylon Jones, a.k.a. Killer Croc. He's a giant in effect, he is freakishly deformed and super strong. That's not an easy thing to bring into a realistic show, unless... We've already met Waylon and his journey to becoming Croc has already begun. For that however, we need to revisit the earliest episodes of the show.

In the second episode, we saw Bullock and Gordon tracking a group kidnapping street children, ostensibly for The Dollmaker's organ trafficking operation, revealed courtesy of Fish Mooney.

Gordon was most concerned with tracing Selina, who had witnessed the Waynes' murder. The first person questioned is Mackey, Selina's fellow street kid and witness to the kidnapping, a large, African American runaway who knows "Cat" well.

He is released, but by the end of the episode the Mayor has decided that all street children will be sent "Upstate" to "guarantee their safety" to score some political points.

Here's where it gets murky...

It's pretty obvious now that the facility they were all sent to was Indian Hill, and that those street kids, rather than becoming involuntary organ donors for the Dollmaker are in the hands of Hugo Strange and thus facing experiments far worse.

We know the Mayor was into all kinds of murky stuff, it's possible he knows about Strange or rather knew, as he's now clearly dead at the hands of Theo Galavan. Wayne Enterprises definitely knew, but we'll come back to that.

So we come back to Waylon, the street kid. Before you say, "he's not called Waylon," remember Selina, went by "Cat" and Ivy has a different surname here. Waylon Mackey could be his name, or Mackey could simply be an alias like the one Selina used.

I am pretty sure that this kid has been in the clutches of Hugo Strange (the newly cast BD Wong) for the whole run of the series and that the experiments being performed on him there will lead not only to his freakish size but his deformed appearance.

This would be a realistic way within the world the show has been set up to get one of the more outlandish villains out there.

Once Galavan gets his way (he'll be mayor, if only for a short time) then Croc is something he can unleash to keep his position, or someone Hugo Strange can use to build his own power base. Killer Croc is never a leader, always a follower and there is scope for some fun down the line when he is unleashed and all the masterminds are vying for his services.

Mackey was around 16, so by the time Bats comes around you're still looking at only mid to late 30s, so it's not like he'd be an aging villain either.

Need one final piece of proof?

Bruce HIMSELF made clear he wanted to "help the street kids" at the end of the episode and the Indian Hill sign showed this was a Wayne Enterprises facility!

Of course, Bruce wouldn't know at that point anything dark about the company, or the facility, he just wanted to help; and for the board member, who were hiding things, it was easy for them to offer Indian Hill to keep him happy and allow their own morally questionable ends to meet.

Ironically, Bruce has, by offering and insisting on helping them, played a role in creating many of the villains he will one day face as Batman, adding a new wrinkle to his decision to become The Dark Knight in this Gotham-verse.

When Bruce finds out what happened there, it becomes his responsibility to not only save the city, but also not kill any of them... as it's HIS fault they ended up that way!

Traditionally and it appears to be going forward, Arkham Asylum is the main place the monsters of Gotham are housed, but they're not always made there... Indian Hill seems to be that place. Arkham may just be the next phase!

I think Croc is a good reveal character for the end of Season 3. Perhaps he escapes and they play on the "alligator in the sewers" riff for a while with him, and have him eventually kill off Michael Chiklis's new character perhaps?

That allows Gordon to become Captain. They could even reference the Beauty & The Beast show, with Selina being the only one who knows/is safe around Croc.

Flash showed they can make these kind of characters work, with Grodd and most recently ManShark. This theory, if true, lets Gotham keep all its realism but have a true monster as well.

Gotham Season 2 continues Mondays on FOX.


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