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I know this is kinda weird xD Because this is for movies or other stuff but I just want to say a few things. I always loved writing, it feels nice for me to do it and some say it's good but I always think it was bad and mostly I delete my books etc. But now lately I have a dutch book on wattpad and didn't delete it yet....But I want to make an english book later on, just because I won't be stuck in 1 language. I am momently only 17 year old and on 25th december I will become 18. I go to a graphical school and I am pretty useless in everything....Because I don't have any talent, maybe wanting to make people happy but yeah... Anyway I don't write many posts on moviepilot because I think it's really worse so it's not because I hate the site or the people on this site :) because I love it both, it's just my fault so sorry if it looks like that. I used to watch anime, now it's mainly Arrow and Flash :) I love it so much <3 and much respect for the actors, they are great persons in real life too. Grant Gustin (Flash) and Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) is something special and I the shows, like I said before xD So sorry that I don't write, it's just because I have low-esteem and I just think it's really bad articles, there are other people that are much better than me. If you actually wanna read my dutch book (later I wanna do an english 1) then you can always go to my wattpad account.



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