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hello guys i am doing a recap off the batman beyond previous parts and a new part which will focus on more art and a script

1 recap

batman beyond
batman beyond

terry reglar look

after events batman look

after eventsz terry look

bruce before events

after events


and nightwing

max as batgirl


ras al ghul original

damien wayne as ras al ghul

batman standing on building


neo gotham


mister freeze

tim drake jokr


red hood

jason todd/red hood reglar look before events / the mater kirigi daughter/son look

after events

mattmecginnis after events /nightwing beyond

matt as nightwing after events later on 3 new suits designs

the more silient ninja assassin look
the more silient ninja assassin look

1 nightwing suit flexibel ad faster

the real ech suit

wonder woman beyond for justice league beyond dlc

older superman

superman beyond

green lantern beyond

now robin beyond 1 matt before events

robin beyond 2

robin beyond 2 as red hood byond

robin beyond 3 /red robi beyond

robin beyond 4 carrie kelly

azreal beyond 1 jean paul vally

micheal lane azreal beyond 2

azreal beyond 3 new characer

now green arrow beyond cassandra

now part 5 will be the ending off the series and in that i will discuss th story and make a scrpt

see you all in the next one goodbye


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