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I only learned that Teen Titans had a reboot called Teen Titans Go! As I came across it on the Internet, and that's how I come across any recent television show since I don't really watch television anymore, and more importantly, my folks took away the cartoon channel long ago. My sisters always said I was too addicted to them.

So everyday since my childhood have I spent cartoons I have seen but not watched fully yet, as an attempt to claim what I've lost. Of course, for those who don't know me, I'll just say it, the cartoons that I watched were; Samurai Jack, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Animaniacs, and of course, the most recent the Teen Titans.

Now for those who aren't very familiar, this is the gang;

The gang
The gang

This is the Teen Titans, starting with Robin who is of course the leader, but is also much closer to home because he is the same Robin that worked under Batman of course, and his technique and style certainly has that kind of Batman, martial arts type, especially since he makes it known that it is martial arts. And I found it intriguing that the first time he banded the group, he wanted to work solo, and of course this makes sense since he was always the sidekick, but not only that, I found it somewhat ironic that he met a thief that was wielding a crowbar to defend himself. Why? You ask? Well, as a Joker fan I'll answer that with much glee because, Joker did manage to kill Robin, but not this Robin, this Robin has been alluded with Dick Grayson and the one Joker killed was Jason Todd, another Robin, but of course, there were other hints as well, for example, when Starfire went into the future and saw Nightwing, Dick Grayson's newer form of identity.

Then there is StarFire, now I know that she has a thing for Robin and I know Robin kinda knows it too, heck, there was a episode where Cyborg finally teases him about it, which I think he might've just maybe not in front of StarFire but still, c'mon, is this the only time Robin gets teased, heck, if my friends knew when I told them I liked somebody they'd tease the heck out of me. And also, in that episode they finally do try to resolve what their relationship is, and although not expressively said, I think it's fair to assess that they might have come to terms, with being partners, but also, having a professional basis as well. StarFire certainly never hides her love for him and I think it's obvious to Robin, but maybe Robin feels that StarFire is doing this just because she is overtly affectionate, and with her being alien, that doesn't really put it out of the question, does it? Anyway, she certainly has a bountiful loyalty towards people that are kind and nice to her, most of all, her friends. And coming from an alien world, I think it's fair to say StarFire always kinda knew this world's customs and language would be different from hers.

Then there's Cyborg, Cyborg was a guy before he got into and accident and became half bot half man. He spent everyday since, working out his issues, in becoming half machine, and I think at certain times, he really wishes things to be back they were, but of course, there always is an advantage to being half robot, and I mean he is like the most tech guy in the group. And his, leadership skills almost match Robin's making me assume that he is the second in command, because, as the first season suggested, Cyborg is always there, and he certainly knows how to direct the team, and help out in anyway he can. Cyborg is always awesome, and the only equal adversary to come up against him is Gizmo, whom Cyborg hates of course, but even then Cyborg always comes out on top.

Raven is the dark and mysterious one. She reminds me a lot of the 2005 era where, goth and emo, were in and a lot of kids, were into like punk rock and metal bands, and I get it, cause I was into some of those bands too. But then it turns out that she's much more complex, and that she's part of like some kind of dark prophecy and is meant to be something dark and bring about the end of the world. And imagine you were told that, and spent everyday of your life not trying to turn into that, and in the end, you had no choice. Which makes season four all the more exciting because this is the one that equaled season one and brought back the season one villain as well; Slade, alluding of course to Slade Wilson(Deathstroke), who now works under her father who wants to rule the world but needs Raven because she is the gem, and the portal to free her father, but Robin aids her as Raven once did he, and they manage to take down a demon, and in the end she finally is able to move on from this, and no longer question whether or not, this will happen again.

Beastboy is obviously the comic relief. But if anything the last season taught me was that, Beastboy is only like that because he has no choice. Originating from Doom Patrol, Beastboy always, kind of doubted himself. No doubt he was young at the time, but everyday since then he kind of still doubts himself, and things don't get any better when, he meets his old leader again. Now, I'm thinking that the whole second season was to give Beastboy a love interest, because other than that, Terra had no reason to be in the story. Yeah you could argue that her story arc was pretty complex and it was allowing continuity from the first season, but seriously you could do that in small episodes and still get away with it, I get that the ending is pretty epic, and most likely the story writers wrote around that, but since every Titan got a season, I would have loved if StarFire got a season too.

But definitely the final season, and the finale, were something to behold because, I'm pretty sure the writers wanted it to keep going but weren't able to because of the time slots, and it not really affecting the DC continuity, but, really I would've liked if they had one more season to say the least, and obviously the finale, was trying to imply that there's always going to be a need to say goodbye, and especially for Beastboy, because he did see Terra again and tried to make her remember the good times, but she simply couldn't and you can't really force your feelings unto someone too, at least that's what I've learnt. And that things always happen for a reason and he just needed to accept that, but with Beastboy facing everything he faced, almost losing everyone he loved, or at least cared about, I'm sure it was something he needed to do. And you just feel so sorry for him, and as the music plays it out, I'm sure Slade's voice played out in his head too. That he needs to let Terra go, but he can't because she was his first real love, and something about that scene in the hall of the high school, was very familiar and it captured, a heart breaking moment for Beastboy, the final nail in the thing that he's lost.

So, it's pretty obvious that I love this series, and although I've never watched Teen Titans Go!, it will never be the same as the original. The animation to start with of course, but just the depth of it. Teen Titans certainly captured what Batman:The animated series was doing and was certainly trying to duplicate it's form but was unable too, because there's just so much to do with the character development, the action and the story line altogether. But when it came down to, the Teen Titans, did a pretty fantastic job, and for me I think my search for a complete childhood, is almost over.



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