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At least have a Look upon Bold Part to understand story line otherwise don't bother.

JoBlo has dropped an exclusive about the supposed plot details of the Batman solo movie reboot. Red hood saga may be adapted for the silver screen and many people considering or can say comparing this decision with "The Winter Soldier". Well Red Hood saga is awesome to be adapted but not in the same light we have seen in Animated movie or comics. I'm presenting many other options which can be helpful to provide a new light for "Red Hood saga" and leads toward a trilogy.

While the future of DCEU's Batman (Ben Affleck) is still hanging somewhere or we can say depends upon the reviews of Batman vs Superman or Suicide Squad. But people started their speculations related with director or fan-casting. Now the most important of them is "Which story Batfleck is gonna follow from Batman's legendary library."

I'm going to discuss the 4 major story arcs which can be visited by Batflex and I think these are totally great and Kickass suits upon the persona of Batflex.

1. The Long Halloween + HUSH + The Red Hood - Detective Batman - Noir Touch

Alice in Wonderland of Batman

Why Hush + The Long Halloween ?

These two comics series considered as one of the best ever in Batman's Wardrobe . Both share same kind of plot and Neo-Noirish feeling in their story running circle . First of all, why i choose Hush Instead The dark victory with the Long Halloween , Well the story line of TLH is awesome but its too grounded while Hush shares same Gritty-Dark-Noir touch with a bit of more action unlike The Long Halloween suits more to the present DC universe, Take the soul of LONG HALLOWEEN and ACTION OF HUSH.

Also, instead using Harvey dent's wife as a prime suspect is not a good idea, we can have a planner behind everything who shares a childhood story with Bruce Wayne. Hush will provide a new essence to Batman we have ever seen , Batman's past which is not just the Death of his parents. The most amazing think about these combine story lines is "The Real Gotham" . We have seen Gotham as a place only but this lines will provide a chance of Gotham for being a character like Batman's wonderland (similar to Alice in wonderland).

These story lines can provide a base where Batman thought Jason Todd is killed by the Joker at the starting. But Joker keep refusing to Batman that Jason was killed by someone else, someone with Bandages upon his face. This will introduce the Red Hood in Batman's universe. I think this will give a new light to Joker and Batman relationship - MISUNDERSTANDING.

Maybe the "Joke is on you is something done by Hush". Joker did so many bad things and might be disable Barbara Gordon in future but this time its a blame and Joker is enjoying this, as a joke.

Imagine Penguin is a club owner also and having The Riddler as his Informer. Poison Ivy is drug Lord in Gotham. Joker is everyone's nightmare . Batman taking help from Calendar man and Cat woman is still sharing love-hate relationship with Batman . All the murders from high Crime lords to Police commissioner to God's man, everyone is connected with a single thread Hush who shares Past with Batman.


2. Night/ court of owls + The cult - Political action
Family Drama from the Prospective of a city - Gotham

Well Court of Owl can be new source of Myths in Batman movie like "Shadow of League" which is over used in recent times. (Arrow series) .

Court of owls will follow the same kind of espionage's Journey to find the reality behind the curtains as same as "The long Halloween + Hush" . But Let's not start with a Murder mystery but something as a whole Governing power in Gotham . Imagine the oldest boogeyman in Gotham come into lights to take Gotham back from Batman. Everything starts when a whole system suddenly stands against Bruce.

Court of owls's presence in the Nursery Rhymes of Gotham

Beware the Court of Owls, that watches all the time,
Ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime.
They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed.
Speak not a whispered word about them, or they'll send the Talon for your head.

So we can easily imagine the Fear of Court of owls in the hearts of many old Gothamites . Court come back to take their city back from Batman, because they don't like someone ruining their Legacy or they don't find Batman is strong enough to hold the city, seems like they allowed Batman to do whatever he'as doing till now (villain having moral or philosophical differences) .

Also this story includes the fables of a man, who kidnapped children which never found back.
A new mayoral candidate who claims himself the elder brother of Bruce. Legends of those children, new brother of Bruce and a Rumor older than Gotham all in a single Movie. But where they were during the whole time .

And here second story "Cult" comes.

To fill the void. I Know in "the dark knight rises" Bane already used the elements from "The Cult" but this story also seems relevant to the court of owls, like already mentioned in the poem "That watch all the time". So instead some hidden floor in a building its better to use the elements from The Cult.

This all can take place in the situation of Gotham after the Last Halloween's storyline.


3. Strange Apparitions + Death in the Family + A serious House on serious earth - Death of Joker, Starting of Madness for Batman.

Greatest and most complicated Love story in the History of man kind is Batman- Joker's relationship.The story starts with a Media covering Batman stories for proofing Batman as a maniac where Doctor Strange trying to prove the Joker as a result of Batman's Terror . This story will take place in the events after Court of owls who unleashed their wrath upon whole city. Now people are blaming batman for that. Some scenarios lead the interaction between Dr Hugo Strange and Bruce Wayne . Hugo strange reveals the true identity of Bruce Wayne and decided to sell it in an online secret auction that. Joker participated in the auction but started attacking or killing the invitees like Penguin , Catwoman , Deadshot , Amanda Waller and many more .

Joker started killing other people because he doesn't want Batman dead, He wants to torture Batman mentally till the end for proofing him that Batman is nothing but an Entity against Human nature.

But Batman took this as Joker's evil deeds and decided to start his last fight against Joker which lead us to the scenarios of "Death in the family" . But it's not Jason Todd who got kidnapped like in comics but maybe it's Barbara Gordon. (Some parts from the Killing Joke)

According to Joker he wants to do something which he was blamed for in "The Long Halloween+Hush" saga (Killing Jason Todd's Robin) but still according to Batman Joker killed Jason Todd and consider him responsible for making him Red Hood.

Joker kidnapped Dick Grayson, Pennyworth with Gordon's Family but doesn't kill anyone instead torture each of them in a different manner where he stripped Gordon's (The Killing Joke) . Joker took his game to Arkham Asylum and Batman also entered behind him.

"A serious house on serious Earth " Scenarios, where many Arkham inmates trying to stop Batman. Character's like Two-face, Soloman Grundy and Killer Croc started blurring the lines of sanity inside Batman. They started blaming the batman by comparing the situations before Batman and Now. These Inmates at the end told Batman that Joker was a creation of Batman's Fear. After an Epic fight, Batman killed Joker by blaming him again. Here Joker met his end upon saying while laughing -:

"life ever become too much for you in "the asylum" (the outside world) then you always have a place in Arkham.Dear Batman now we both are killers you killed someone whom you find necessary to kill and i did the same, Just a matter of perceptions."

Batman also smiled he doesn't know why he smile but he was amused by the last Joke of Joker. They both keep staring each other till the Joker's eyes were stoned.

At the end Batman when found why Joker suddenly went upon a Killing Spree. Bruce don't know whether to be happy because his identity was safe or sad because it was saved by Joker. So he tossed a coin to decide and just smiled(audience don't know the result). He opened his laptop (or anything) and started reading something about "Mental illness and hallucinations" . Alfred has tears because now he knew why Joker tortured everyone except him after kidnapping him. Alfred's torture starts now.



Nightwing - Taylor Kitsch - Taylor was my first choice for Kyle Rayner and fans also supporting Jensen more as Red Hood. But after seeing Taylor's acting range in True Detective, I think Kyle maybe a little bit shallow character for him. Maybe Jensen will become a Great Kyle.

Red Hood - Dan Stevens - Watch "The guest" and you won't ask a question about this choice. Dan is the next big thing in hollywood right now maybe new Ryan Gosling.

Penguin - John Goodman- i'm looking forward a well established penguin who rules upon a portion of Gotham and a Gangster who now meet Batman Frequently. Well for such role John is awesome.

Riddler - Casey Afflex - Maybe many Fans are howling about Neal Pattrick Harris which may becomes "LE----GAN----DARY" but i'm more sure about this highly under-rated actor. He proved himself against Bard Pitt in a indie movie like "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" with actors like Sam Rockwell. He has perfect built and perfect cowardice attitude with a pinch of cunning mannerism.

Hush -Patrick Dempsey - Hush is a phenomenal character who's equivalent to Batman in every manner. Patrick looks like someone who deserves to be a superhero, also their's not many people who can match up with Ben Afflex. A character like Hush have so much potential that his career might see a growth which he never imagined. The whole Batman universe's having a lot of Characters so i'm saving myself to pick any A-lister otherwise my first choice would be Daniel Craig.

Chirstina Hendricks - Poison Ivy - Talent check.......Ginger head check.........pairing with Harley appeal thumbs up.................future of Poison Ivy she's gonna nailed it.

Josh Harnett - Two Face - Josh was going to be the batman but his luck was out of luck and this time with casting of Ben Batman is on some other level. But Josh will be awesome as Two Face and will play a larger role in Third part when Batman will realize the condition of two face is because of him , so you can imagine the depth of this character.

James Gordon - Harrison Ford -You don't have Liam Neeson and Client Eastwood might not be interested. Now after Gary Oldman you even don't want the level lesser than that. So not many option and maybe in the Last Batman he might face the situation from the "Killing Joke".

Cat-Woman - Emilia Clarke - After game of thrones, she definitely proved her talents for such huge anticipated roles. I'm sure she'll easily make us forgot about Anne Hatheway's Catwoman disaster

Carmine Falcone - Brain Cox - Brain is awesome and if any character like Carmine, he'll eat the bones.

Casting for Court Of Owls

Thurston Moodey - Jackie Earle Haley

- This guy kidnapped the kids from circus in Gotham and the main part to establish the rule of court of owl. He convert those kids into a killing machine called "Talons" . Now if you think "Rorschach" can't play this then sir you have a problem of imagination. He's the king of court of Owl's world like Ras'al'gul of Court of Owls. All the myths started with him and all this mysterious society is his property.

Mary Turner/Strix - AnnaLyne McCord - Well to stop this Talon Batgirl has to team up with Cat-woman. Talons are a breed of deadly assassins that are absolutely loyal to the Court of Owls. They remain "sleeping" deep within their inner sanctum until they are "called" upon. And why i pick up this, don't want any known face and watch her work in "Excision". She's haunting which definitely suits the thrill of "Court of Owls" .

Lincoln March - Michael.C.Hall - Well according to Lincoln he's the long lost son of Thomas Wayne which made him the elder brother of Bruce. He's the mayoral candidate in Gotham. Micheal Will surely suits with Ben Afflex as his elder Brother and also physically intruding also.

Fleix Harmone - Scott Adkins - Felix is a beast among Talons and butchered 140 civilians in a minute. He's also known as Butcher of Gotham. Well Scott is a beast and his MMA training will definitely provide a glorious showdown with Batman.

William Cobb - Cam Gigandet - William is a Talon which was send to kill Bruce Wayne. Well this talon has a nice background story like others which will provide the insight to the world of court of Owls. Well i like Cam since i saw him in never back down but after that cam never got anything fine so this maybe his chance.


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