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My previous article got a nice bit of love, so here is Part 2! The first is right here:

I dedicate this article to the fans and creators, who supplied these here awesome choices from such great movies. Without them, Part 2, wouldn't exist.

So without further ado, I think we shall begin...but first: These videos are possible SPOILERS for Maniac, Dawn of the Dead, Deadpool, Pulp Fiction, and Wolf Creek 2. ENJOY!

1. Maniac. (1980).

Thanks to the great Ryan Adam Fuzessery for this clip and recommendation!

2. Dawn of the Dead. (2004).

I totally forgot about this! Its an awesome clip. If you haven't seen this movie..then you must! Because it's a must!

3. Deadpool. (2016).

Around 2:18ish is where this particular awesomeness starts! Thanks to Aayush Gupta!

4. Pulp Fiction. (1994).

Thanks go to Nicholas Borunda!

5. Wolf Creek 2. (2005).

Bad quality video...but thanks go to Jesse Bearman!

So What Do You Think of My Choices? Do You Agree? Have Any More Great Clips? Let Me Know In the Comments Below! THANKS FOR READING!!


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