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According to UPROXX and several other internet media outlets, there is a former Spider-Man director looking to redeem himself after the missteps made in his last directorial effort featuring the Wall-crawler. This man was one of the biggest movers and shakers in the superhero movie industry, and, in spite of his mistakes, his vision for bringing a comic book story to life and making it palatable for a wide audience is something directors, writers and producers should be grateful for. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about:

Sam Raimi

Yes, the director of Evil Dead has openly expressed his interest in returning to the Spider-Man franchise. Regarding his last Spidey movie, here are his words:

I messed up on the third one. I think they’re so complete now, Marvel. They probably don’t need me anymore. But if they needed me? I’d love to.
Source: Uproxx

I don't want to read too much into Raimi's comments, but it is clear that he carries an affinity for what the MCU has created and sustained over the last 7 years. In a loose way, I believe he has certainly influenced the universe. Back in 2002 he set an unprecedented bar that future superhero flicks would have to live up to. Raimi truly did some groundbreaking things with Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, which to this day is in my top 5 superhero movies and it probably won't be leaving the ranks anytime soon.

Although his statement is trending on Facebook (at least at the time I wrote the article), they may not come to mean anything in the future. Regardless, it is fun to postulate a bit! If Marvel decides they do want to bring him on in some capacity, here's what we could expect:

A Grittier Spider-Man Film

In the next Spidey installment we're supposedly set to see a John Hughes inspired film. While that's probably the case, the film is still a ways away. Now that Raimi's renewed interest in the franchise has gone public, the studio may very well opt to bring him on as a consultant, or perhaps even a producer or executive producer. Maybe it's just me, but there was a certain magic Raimi brought to the original films. While I appreciated Marc Webb's interpretation of the character, it fell short of Raimi's original vision. You can say what you will about whether Maguire or Garfield did a better job playing the role of Parker/Spidey, but I doubt you could argue that Raimi did a far better job of creating the world of Spider-Man. Bringing this seasoned Spidey director and self-proclaimed enthusiast into the mix could be what the Spider-Man franchise needs to be successful!

A Return To Comic Book Cannon

Raimi has gone on record saying he is a major fan of the original Spider-Man comics. If you have a decent knowledge of comic-based Spidey stories, you would quickly recognize that the first two films of the original trilogy are incredibly faithful to cannon. Everything from Goblin impaling himself with his own glider to the "Spider-Man no more" story arc explored in the second film, sees Raimi craft cinematic gold from original source material. In fact, what made the first two films successful was the failure of the third. My theory is, Sony saw the success of the first two films, got greedy, and insisted on force-ably inserting Venom into the mix of Spider-Man 3's already congested story line. Technically, the third film was true to the comics; the problem was it tried to stick too closely to far too many different storylines. In that sense, Raimi was working against himself. A good comic-book writer will likely tell you to allow a story to expand across multiple issues in order to do it justice. In this case, we had material squeezed into one movie that could have gone into a fourth and maybe even a fifth film. Cram too much into one story and you get a mediocre product. Thankfully, the folks over at Marvel are focused on telling a story well. Having a gifted and seasoned storyteller like Raimi join their ranks would help Marvel to remain faithful to the original source material while also pushing forward into necessary cinematic innovations for the Spider-Man character.

The Spiderverse

The Spiderverse has been a growing trend among Spidey fans. Various gaming platforms have introduced the concept over the last few years with releases like Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man Unlimited. If you've seen the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series, you've likely seen the episode where Peter Parker crosses paths with a Miles Morales from a different time period. This has not only been a trend manifesting in the Marvel universe. DC is also riding the multiverse bandwagon in cartoon movies (The Flashpoint Paradox), TV (The Flash) and video games (Injustice: God's Among Us).

My point?

There is a growing public interest in multiverse stories these days. But there's something we haven't seen yet. We have yet to see this unique narrative in the superhero world explored on the big screen. There is an already established track record of success in other avenues as it relates to the Spiderverse. Could Sam Raimi's re-involvement in the Spider-Man franchise be a means of creating one for a Spider-Man movie (or series of movies)? If told correctly, you could see Spider-Men and Women from other dimensions join up with Tom Holland's Spider-Man to fight inter-dimensional baddies. Think about it. How cool would it be to see Tom Holland team up with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and...oh, let's see, Donald Glover (Miles Morales) to fight the Sinister Six?

This will probably never happen, but a guy can dream!


Should Sam Raimi Return To Spider-Man?


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