ByCarol Thacker, writer at

A-listers? Why? Because they are so overpaid for what they actually consider work that they forgot what it means to produce product, serve others or sacrifice one's dignity for their families just to pay a bill? Is the entertainment industry really so entertaining that this notion of Scientology as a "religion" should be taken seriously? The typical common person who struggles to meet and only sometimes exceeds the minimum to keep up is not concerned with the core beliefs of this organization because they have no place in the real world. People who stick to the golden rule, no matter what their relationship is with faith, are heroes. It's simple. This list of people is inclusive of one common thread, which is "self." Put a dash after that word and just about anything that pops up will work. I can look around at any given point no matter where I am and see genuineness, people who aren't trying to defend their thoughts, only their rights to live and raise their families with purpose. People who fight for others to be free, people who care for those who cannot care for themselves, and people who teach so that others can correct wrongs. A-listers who think they are mastering a craft have never produced a useful item or true piece of art. Suppressive, oppressive, submissive, or active...if a belief is based on anything other than love, you might want to rethink things. Idolatry in any form is a bad thing, mmm-kay? Scientology is only a problem if we take these righteous millionaires seriously. The rest of us can go about our day as we were, we'll be just fine.


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