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Around fall, chills start to invade the air, and thoughts of the eerie, the kooky, and the altogether ooky start to eat at our brains. Here are four films that tweens and up will have a ghoulishly giggling time with.

Gremlins (1984)

This film combined equal parts humor, horror, and urban legend to create its world of crazy creatures. Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Joe Dante, this film put a new twist on getting pets for Christmas gifts. A father purchases for his son a unique pet, a Mogwai. A cute, loving little guy, who happens to come with a few rules his owner has to live by. When these rules get broken, our lead Mogwai, named Gizmo, becomes his own worst enemies.

Although many scenes combine elements of comedy and horror, it's one that's always good for mischievous family fun. Grounded by its small town holiday setting and its everyman young hero, this flick is a lot of fun for those eleven and up.

The Goonies (1985)

Another Spielberg production and collaboration, this time with director Richard Donner, can be considered Indiana Jones in Suburbia. We have a neighborhood group of kids, on the verge of losing their homes and going their separate ways, embarking on a last adventure. The Goonies (the group's nickname) come across an old pirate treasure map and takes it upon themselves to find the treasure and save their homes. Add in a bumbling family of hardened criminals, and you have a blend of mild creepiness, dramatic chases, and fun suitable for ages ten and up.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Crazy witches ? Check. Halloween in smalltown Salem, Massachusetts? Check. Bette Midler on a broomstick ? Check again. This is Hocus Pocus, a Disney made film that has laughs and thrills aplenty. In the film, three formerly dead witches are brought back by accident and have to keep themselves on Earth before time runs out and they become dead again. Plenty of humor, making fun of witches, zombies, and loads of scary good fun, this film is sure to delight the nine and up crowd in the home.

Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (1948)

Considered a swan song for the big three of the Universal Monsters, (Dracula, The Wolfman, and Frankenstein), this film has big laughs and plenty of the screwball comedy Abbott and Costello were famous for. They own a moving business and thanks to Lou's mishandling of Dracula's coffin, a chain events are set off that brings them into conflict with the monsters. Although there are certain elements of scare due to the monster's being part of the film this is a most ages film, good for a fun rainy afternoon with the family.


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