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In the game Arkham Knight there is a section of Gotham called Otisburg.

This is a reference to the movi Superman. How you ask? Well when Lex is telling Superman about his plan, Lex looks down and sees


Does this mean that in this section of Founders Island, since there is a Lexcorp building, does that mean that Lex dedicated the name of his location to Otis? Does that mean that in the Arkhamverse Lex succeeded in his plan and Superman failed and that section of Gotham is actually owned by Lexcorp and were in California???!!! But wait... When Batman is speaking to the hazmat worker he said that Scarecrows bomb will cover the entire East Coast? So does that mean that in the Arkhamverse California is on the East Coast????!!!!

Or did they just want to reference Superman. Either way that's pretty cool.

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