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I have been watching the CW The Flash series and thinking that...

What if Deadpool was like the Flash?

Yes, Deadpool running 13 trillion times Faster than light. MARVEL has a reputation of stealing from DC, so this won't be a problem. Deadpool has accelerated healing, so he should be running fast too. That'd be just Awesome.

The storyline....

Alright, it starts with Wilson being a vigilante/a secret agent will also work, and his girlfriend... he loves(he is not a playboy, careless about life A.K.A. Robert Downey Jr. yet..). So one day he is attacked by a robot or something like that and he meets a near death experience but eventually booms up the robot. BOOM!! Then he thinks he can die anytime, he is depressed, his girlfriend(let just call her Liz, or if there is any alter ego of the character, Death) and other gay emotional shite happens. Then he is ready to confess to his Liz. Then again after confessing to his Liz, emotional gay shit starts again. "Oh, Wade my love why didn't you tell this to me before. *crying*". Then that robot's copy comes and booms up Liz. Then after beating the that robot. Wade cries and again BLOODY GAY SHITE!! Then he continues with his secret agent contracts/vigilante job. Then Particle Accelerator is introduced to the world created by Stryker(The director of Weapon XI programme in Origins Wolverine), funded by OsCorp(because Spider-man). Then Wade be like, "F*ck it! Mah life's borin' I'm wakin' into that Party Accel shit". Yeah, he gets mutated by it. And, congratulations, you gotta Mutate called Deadpool. Yippee!

After waking up from the 9 months coma....

Wade be like, "Oh! Wait what? Wtf. Oh so instead of Dr. Wells, you are Stryker. Nice. Oh, so yeah, I can heal fast, run fast and f*ck fast and not to forget I gotta eat 850 tacos. I LOVE CHIMICHANCAS!!". Then for the last f*cking time again GAY SHIT!!! He's in a room realising the gravity of the situation, then he creates that Robert Downey Jr. personality.

An extra storyline:

We can also get lot's of extra storyline by this like Deadpool Neo(the deadpoolized version of Reverse Flash). Deadpool Neo should be Stryker. Like DP being black on red costume, DP Neo will be red on black costume and it looks cooler.

Just like Jay Garrick, it should be Lady Deadpool or maybe, Ultimate Deadpool

As I said that Particle Accelerator is funded by OsCorp, so Osborn might have also been Goblin by this. Not that lame Green Goblin, THE GOBLIN, from ultimate universe. And so, comes SPIDER-MAN. DEADPOOL AND SPIDER-MAN. Ya' know wha' I'm sayin'.

Liz will be Death. So, a backstory of Death

So yeah, that's pretty much it.


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